New Equipment

April 2016

Pipeline Coating Services  

Pipeline Coating Services (PCS) has joined Darby Equipment’s family of products. PSC offers pipeline contractors Darby engineered and manufactured coating equipment designed for optimum ease of use when applying high quality fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) on 6” to 42” steel pipe. The field-proven equipment provides consistent factory quality coating onsite and is available for rent throughout North America. Various coating width are available using a 150 KW generator. PCS equipment features operator control E-stops for safety, and is backed by Darby Equipment’s commitment to reliability and ease of use.

A & E Construction Supply, Inc.

The Wolfe Man 8000 Extreme Duty is the latest and toughest wheel machine provided by A & E Construction Supply, which is manufactured by Wolfe Man International. It is built to perform efficiently and effectively in extreme dirt conditions, capable of going 8’ deep and 34” wide. The Wolfe Man 8000 XD has 1 ½” rims and buckets, large hoist cylinders, adaptable Kennametal tooth holders, along with heavy duty lift slides, cables, bearings, heat-treated buckets, large diameter lower wheel rollers, and wide drive sprockets and wheel segments.

Pipeline Equipment Inc.

Pipeline Equipment Inc. (PEI) is offering a new line of pigging solutions. The line includes: Spherical Pigs – inflatable spheres used in automated sphere launch systems for removal of liquids in wet gas systems; Multi-Seal pigs – re-buildable all-urethane pigs that can be configured for displacement, batching or cleaning applications; Tuff Cast Pigs – all-urethane disposable multi-cup, multi-disc pigs for displacement, batching or cleaning applications; Conical Flex Pigs – re-buildable metal bodied pigs that can be configured with cups, discs, cleaning brushes or cleaning blades for most pigging applications and will traverse reductions up to 20%; and BIDI Pigs – multi-disc Pigs that can be run bi-directionally for displacement and cleaning applications.

CASE Construction Equipment

CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new 521F wheel loader that meets federal Tier 4 Final emissions standards using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The new machine delivers best-in-class 131 net peak horsepower with an FPT Tier 4 Final-certified engine that also provides quick throttle response and impressive torque. The 22,948-pound wheel loader has a bucket breakout force of 19,303 pounds with 2.3-cubic-yard bucket capacity. The SCR technology allows the machine to handle inconsistent engine loads while running at peak performance without compromising power. This is accomplished with a faster throttle response and acceleration, all while maintaining lower exhaust temperatures and improving fuel efficiency.

Foster Transformer

A new family of high efficiency isolation transformers from Foster Transformer feature full load operating efficiencies of 97 to 99%, allowing them to run cooler and to be used in sealed panels without external cooling. In addition, they are up to 25% smaller and lighter than current generation transformers, allowing thinner panel construction. They provide a higher degree of isolation (as measured by leakage current to ground). This, coupled with improved efficiency, reduced size and weight can yield significantly lower operating costs. With input voltage ranging from 120V through 600V, in 50/60 Hz, there are more than 250 models available, matching all common commercial voltages.  Output voltages of 120, 208, 240 or 277V, with ratings from 1.0 to 25.0 kVA. These high-efficiency, isolation transformers are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced a new line of walk-behind trenchers to provide contractors and rental companies with greater performance, reliability and serviceability. Exclusive to the Ditch Witch organization, the CX-Series trenchers are equipped with the new patent pending CX Track system. The design includes a shorter left track, and longer right track, allowing better traction and a shorter overall length for superior maneuverability in tight spaces. The C-Series trenchers feature an exclusive, offset rear-tire design that delivers balanced traction and stability for increased production. The new compact design allows for greater visibility of the workstation, improving operator productivity. Re-designed, ergonomic controls increase machine responsiveness. Routine maintenance is simplified by easy access to the machine’s components, reducing downtime and allowing operators to spend more time on the jobsite and less time in the shop. With no daily grease points, another Ditch Witch exclusive, keeping the trenchers rental-ready requires less hassle and prep time.