New Equipment

January 2016

Bayco Products Inc.

Bayco Products Inc. announced the introduction of three Nightstick® brand LED traffic wands with an average retail price of only $11.95 each. Available in a choice of three different colors; red (NSP-1632), yellow (NSP-1634) and blue (NSP-1636), the SL-1600 series LED traffic wands can each run up to 18 hours in constant-on mode, or 27 hours in blinking strobe mode using a fresh set of 3 AAA cells (included). Built to survive drops up to 2 meters, the thick yet lightweight PC/ABS handle is ergonomically designed for grip and comfort while providing balance in your hand even when used for extended periods of time. One oversized center-mounted body push button switch controls the On/Strobe/Off lighting functions even with gloved hands. Pressing the button once, turns the light on constant-on mode, pressing the button a second time causes the light to strobe, and a third press of the button turns the light off. Ideal for daylight or night applications by crossing guards or law enforcement, air ground crews marshalling aircraft, directing traffic or marking a potentially hazardous area, the Nightstick NSP-1600 series traffic wands have limitless applications at an affordable price.

Project Piping Solutions LLC

Project Piping Solutions LLC, established in 2014 as an on-time solution to field related supply issues in the Pipeline Construction Industry. With their president, Mason McMurray’s background in master distribution and supply and a family of pipeliners reaching back to the Alaskan Pipeline, he truly believes that there is still a place in the pipeline industry for small companies poised to offer outstanding customer service, quick response and an on-time solution. Being a Marine Corps Veteran-owned business, they saw an immediate need for a Pipeline Supply Company that could react at a moment’s notice to a Pipeline Contractor and/or Gas Company employee’s need for that one crucial item “right now”. Their mission is to service the pipeline construction industry with strategically located supply centers managed and staffed by U.S. military veterans, whose sole focus is to deliver beyond the expectation of every customer, every time.

Polyflow LLC

Polyflow recently introduced Thermoflex® PE, a lightweight, easy-to-install polyethylene pipe for cold weather climates. Production of Thermoflex PE is underway and will initially be available in 4-inch (750 psi max) and 4.5-inch (500 psi max) sizes. According to the company, with Thermoflex PE, operators in cold environments can benefit from its resistance to corrosion and cyclical loading. This allows oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Bakken and other northern regions to get wells flowing faster for increased profitability while enhancing safety, reliability and longevity.

High Pressure Equipment

High Pressure Equipment (HiP) introduces a trunion style block and bleed ball valve for calibration applications to 15,000 psi. This new ball valve is designed to provide double-positive isolation and is an excellent method to block and bleed high-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems used for pressure monitoring and test, chemical injection and drain line isolation. This full port, quarter turn double ball valve features 316 stainless steel construction, They are available in .203-, .250-, .313- and .375-inch orifices and will accommodate 3/8-, 9/16-, ¾-, ¼- NPT, 3/8-inch NPT and ½-inch NPT tube sizes. The vent port is ¼- inch FNPT.

Smith Flow Control Ltd.

The new Bajolock® coupling from Smith Flow Control protects against accidents when opening couplings under pressure. The device is ideal for a wide range of applications including oil and gas, petrochemical and pipelines. When opened, Bajolock couplings automatically catch any dangerous residual pressure and discharge it safely away from the worker. When no potentially harmful pressure exists, the couplings can be operated normally with a simple twist. The Bajolock coupling is designed for use in transfer systems for pressures up to 145 psi. It is manufactured according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive and CE approved. Bajolock is constructed from 316L stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.

Caterpillar Oil & Gas

Caterpillar Oil & Gas is offering the Cat® CG137-12 oilfield gas generator set that received U.S. EPA Tier 2 SI Non-road Mobile certification. Primarily used in oil and gas power generation applications, the CG137-12 is available with power ratings of 400 ekW @ 60 Hz. The CG137-12 offers transient performance, capable of accepting 50% and 30% load steps that meet ISO 8528 G1 and G2 standards, respectively, while operating on a wide range of gas quality – from wellhead gas to pipeline gas. Heavy-duty construction is ideal for withstanding harsh oilfield conditions.