New Equipment

February 2017

Inline Services

Inline Services’ Cutter Disc is designed for enhanced cleaning of pipelines where wax, scale or debris is present. The angled-shaped edges of the disc act as cutter blades to scrape off deposits throughout the pipeline. The spaces in-between the cutter edges allow bypass of product to help suspend removed debris. The Cutter Disc can be used for many applications including chemical cleaning and removal of wax or black powder. The Cutter Disc can be used on any mandrel pig and is available for all pipe diameters. This disc is made from Inlines’ MAXITHANE™, a high-performance urethane material, which makes this product very durable.

Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric’s new 4-Pack Rack, made especially for Flextec® 350X multi-process welders, is designed to need fewer high-voltage cables and provide strain relief for those that are used. Easy to set up, the heavy-duty rack accommodates up to four Flextec 350X welders. The 4-Pack Rack’s welder mounting plate makes mounting or removing each welder a simple process. A junction box door is designed to open down, leaving a convenient place to set tools during rack set up. It features a common disconnect switch – 200 amp, 600 volt, 3-phase – and powers all welders with one primary power drop.

TRICOR Coriolis Technology

 TRICOR Coriolis Technology has introduced the TCMH-0450 High Pressure Coriolis flow meter. The meter is suited to the oil and gas industry for high-pressure chemical injection applications as well as gas measurement applications such as engine test benches, hydrogen fuel stations and high-pressure gas measurement in numerous other industries. This new meter is available in three different pressure ratings: up to 15,200 psi (1,050 bar), up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) and up to 6,000 psi (414 bar).

 W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. has introduced GORE® FR Apparel, a new line of FR foul weather outerwear products designed for oil and gas workers. A jacket, bib, and detachable hood combination offers protection from incidental flame exposure and weather protection across a wide range of environmental conditions, while offering moisture management to improve comfort and safety. The lightweight 2-layer ePTFE membrane construction also helps protect workers from exposure to hot liquids, steam and common oilfield contaminants.

Compressor Products International

Compressor Products International has introduced the Proflo™ USB-IR Adaptor and Proflo™ Assist Software for condition monitoring of reciprocating compressor lubrication equipment. Both read and transfer information from the Proflo® PF1 monitoring device, which records the average cycle time for each 30-minute block of lubrication system operation to a Microsoft Windows-based laptop, tablet or other USB equipped device through the use of infrared technology. The software will operate on Windows versions 2000, XP, 7, 8 or 10. Each USB-IR adaptor can be used with multiple PF1 monitoring devices. Included are the USB-IR Adaptor, instructions and a download link for the Proflo™ Assist Software and a 6 ft. USB male to female cable.


SentryPoint cathodic protection monitoring solution from Sensus is designed to help ensure integrity of gas pipelines. It remotely collects that data from battery- and mains-powered sensors and transmits it over the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. This saves time as it eliminates the need for employees to travel to remote test point and rectifier locations. The point-to-multi-point network ensures that mission-critical data arrives quickly and the separate alarm channel ensures fast delivery of alarm-based information.