New Equipment

March 2017

Sharewell HDD

Sharewell HDD introduces the PipeVac Lifting System, which puts the solution in the palm of the operator’s hand with its new SmartLift Technology wireless remote. The transmitter lets the operator know if the lift is safe – no guesswork required. The lifting systems are powered by the host machine’s existing hydraulics, meaning that noisy and expensive diesel or gas engine is no longer needed. The design allows a wider range of pipe diameters with fewer vacuum pad SKU’s. Operators get 40% more seal wear with PipeVac. PipeVac Lifting Systems meet or exceed ASME/ANSI B30.20 2013 and BTH-2014, as well as being CE-certified and OSHA compliant. Also, only one size of vacuum lifters is needed. An onboard GPS module guarantees knowledge of where the equipment is at all times.


Cortec’s VpCI®-368 coating just became more powerful with the addition of extra vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. Already, VpCI®-368 provides excellent protection to metal substrates exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. The dark brown, viscous liquid dries into a firm moisture-displacing wax-like film that can be removed with mineral spirits or alkaline cleaners, such as Cortec® VpCI®-414. The film can be used for a variety of applications in which heavy-duty corrosion protection is needed: pipe coating, parts storage, underbody coating, wire rope, steel plate and machined parts. VpCI®-368 has an extensive record of use for mothballing and layup of equipment, protection of shipments, and preservation of spares. Now, VpCI®-368 EVP (Extra Vapor Protection) is available for application in complex, sealed spaces where a greater concentration of vapor inhibitor is beneficial.

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools

The new B&B 6K Mega Roller is an increased capacity pipe roller designed for heavy duty jobsite use. The oversized 6×3-inch wheels are a urethane-over-steel design offering numerous advantages. They allow ultra-smooth pipe rotation via heavy duty sealed bearings and urethane coating allows carbon pipe rotation as well as contamination-free exotic pipe rotation. The unique head design allows the removal of the wheels, transforming to a V-head stand restricting pipe rotation.


Endress+Hauser offers Proline 300/500, a family of industry-optimized smart Coriolis mass and electromagnetic flow instruments that simplify installation, speed commissioning and streamline both operation and maintenance activities. The Proline Promass Coriolis mass flowmeters are available in 11 models, ranging in sizes from 1/24 to 14 inches in diameter, for measuring flows up to 100,000 tons per day. Proline Promag flowmeters are available in three models and in sizes from 1/12 to 78 inches for volume flows up to 634 million gallons per day. Both types are available in models suitable for high temperatures, corrosive fluids, hygienic and sterile process applications.

Romet Limited

Romet Limited has introduced its new conversion kit, allowing for direct replacement of diaphragm meters with rotary meters. Meter piping kits are engineered to exact center-to-center dimensions and are available with various meter connections. Romet rotary meters have a proven field history of over 30 years in operation. Lightweight and compact, the conversion kit enables the utility to use a one-person crew for easy installation and maintenance. No plumbing, welding or painting is necessary during the installation. Overall, the conversion kit will allow utilities to reduce operation, maintenance and installation costs due to the long life of rotary meters.

Control System Integrators Association

Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) made its Industrial Automation Exchange even easier to use for industrial automation end-user clients who want to find system integrators and suppliers. The exchange features its own blog, largely written by system integrator members and member partners. It also incorporates a new library-resources section. While some cosmetic changes will make information more accessible, the update is designed to make it easier for integrators to post relevant information, and ultimately, for clients to find them. Changes include a new industrial automation community and the capacity to search for system integrators by their office location and a resource section.