New Equipment

April 2017

Holly Pipe Corp.

Over the past two decades in the HDD industry, the use of wash pipe for has become more and more popular. “Drill and Drive” wash pipe serves two main purposes. The most common is its application for washing over stuck drill pipe and alternatively for “surface casing” which includes preventing hydro-fractures, stabilizing the pilot bore hole and creating a firm “backstop” for pushing off. Traditional wash pipe is typically screwed / welded together and “washed over” the existing pilot string which can take days to complete if welding is required.  Holly Pipe’s “Drill and Drive” will render traditional methods useless while cutting fabrication time out and mitigating threading issues of common wash pipe. Eliminating rig downtime and allowing drillers to push farther is how “Drill and Drive” will revolutionize the initial set up and completion of pilot holes and beyond. Holly Pipe can supply tool joints for welding on or provide complete “Drill and Drive” wash pipe ready for service.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch® introduced the construction-grade SK1050 mini skid steer, ideally-suited for a variety of demanding landscape, hardscape and irrigation jobs. The unit improves versatility and productivity by directing more hydraulic power to the attachment. Equipped with a 37-hp Tier 4 Yanmar® diesel engine, the SK1050 directs 30-hp to the attachment, giving operators the power to tackle an assortment of challenging tasks with more efficient and productive use of hydraulic attachments, including trenchers and augers. The attachment horsepower, combined with 15 gpm auxiliary flow and 3625 psi, the SK1050 leads to quicker jobsite cycle times, making your crews more efficient and decreasing overall labor costs. The best-in-class operator station includes a spring-supported, 74-in2 platform for enhanced comfort during long working hours. An easy-to-use auxiliary-control pedal gives operators the power to maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment while freeing their hands to control depth and ground speed. The machine’s LCD display includes programming upgrades to provide direct visibility into all engine diagnostics and performance for greater machine effectiveness.


The Rotork Pressure Safe® Failsafe hydraulic control system is a line break detection system for remote pipeline and wellhead valves or critical process applications where mains electricity or fluid power sources are unavailable or unreliable. The compact, self-contained system provides emergency shutdown protection by automatically exhausting a spring-return actuator when pipeline pressure exceeds a high- or low-level set point. The system must be manually reset and re-pressurized via the integral hand pump. The actuator can be either linear or quarter-turn with cylinder-operating pressures up to 3,000 psi. When combined with a solenoid or process sensor the control system can provide automatic process control based on one or more process variables (e.g., pressure, temperature, level). The system is suitable for use as the final mechanical element in safety systems designed in accordance with IEC 61508 and 61511.


TWI has partnered with TEAM QUALSPEC to provide specialty services for maintenance, inspection and construction of mechanical and piping systems. PolyTest™ is a new field inspection system designed for volumetric non-destructive testing of butt fusion and electrofusion joints in polyethylene (PE) pipes. It has been used in a wide range of pipeline industries since it was developed by TWI with the support of NYSEARCH. PolyTest™ is assisted by procedures able to detect all types of flaw that can occur in PE pipe joints, including planar flaws, particulate contamination and cold fusions. The system is fully portable, allowing in-trench inspections, and incorporates a simple scanner to accommodate pipes with outside diameters from 4-40 inches and wall thickness from 0.3-2.5 inches. It can be adapted for pipes outside these ranges. After the joints have been inspected the system generates the results, providing a permanent record of joint integrity.

Sawyer Mfg.

Sawyer Mfg. Co. is adding a new product to its extensive line of welding equipment. The company says what separates its new welding bucket from the others is its size and strength. At 4.5 gallons, it is twice the size of most other buckets and is made of stainless steel instead of galvanized steel, giving it excellent strength and durability. This bucket can hold over 400 pounds and is designed with four pre-formed partitions designed to keep welding rods separated. A spokesman said the buckets successfully held up a 2009 full-sized Ford Super Duty crew cab truck without buckling.


Entrained gas management (EGM) technology is now available for all Krohne Optimass Coriolis mass flowmeters. With these latest additions, Optimass 3400 and Optimass 7400, the whole Optimass series offers continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement with two-phase flows, such as liquids mixed with gas, slurries with gases or highly viscous fluids with gas entrainments. Oil and gas industry applications are effective for those working with drilling fluids, truck loading and offloading, wellheads and tank management. For the technology, Krohne developed algorithms that allow the meter to maintain oscillation and continue to measure even in complex flow conditions. This is possible even during a complete transition from a pure liquid phase to a gas phase and back. Mass flow and density measurements remain stable, continuous and repeatable.