New Equipment

May 2017

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, introduced the ST37X stand-on trencher designed for creating footings on residential or commercial properties, installing drainage pipe, trenching and other landscape applications that today’s job sites demand. The construction-grade ST37X is designed for heavy-duty operation to increase contractor ROI and overall machine longevity.

Miller Electric

Miller Electric expanded its ArcReach remote control technology to engine-driven welder/generators. ArcReach is now available on Big Blue 400, 500 and 600 Pro models, providing complete control of welding parameters at the point of the weld – without the need for a control cord. With several ArcReach accessories to choose from, welding operators can remotely set up and make process and parameter adjustments for stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and advanced wire processes all at the weld joint. This reduces the time spent making trips back and forth to the power supply to make changes, which significantly improves productivity while also providing benefits for welding operator safety on the jobsite.

AGI Industries

AGI Industries developed the first pipeline pig loader, dubbed the Safeway Pig Loader, and designed to eliminate the hazard of a push-rod or pig slipping while forcing a pig into an open-ended pipeline. The Safeway Pig Loader is a safe way to introduce a pig into any pipeline that requires cleaning, unclogging, or preparation for batch treatment processes, hydrostatic testing, or other types of structural integrity testing. It is available in eight sizes ranging from 4-inch to 36-inch diameter and includes a standard gas engine and hydraulic supplement; other sizes are available upon request. In 30 minutes or less, any typical poly or brush pig can be condensed and injected into an open-ended pipeline with the Pig Loader.


TrueLook, based in Winston-Salem, NC, is a leading provider of professional construction cameras with live job site monitoring, project time-lapsing and HD motion-based security. TrueLook has pioneered new construction camera technologies for over 20 years that are now used nationwide by construction companies, large and small.

Solartron ISA

Solartron ISA, a manufacturer of wet gas flow meters for topside and subsea applications, has rebranded its Dualstream family of wet gas flow meters to simplify the process of choosing the correct gas flow meter for a particular application. The Dualstream family consists of four products: 1) Dualstream Venturi, the original wet gas metering system, is a solution for allocation or monitoring gas flow rates. 2) Dualstream 1 is a multiphase measurement solution for allocation or monitoring gas condensate wells. 3) Dualstream 2 is a multiphase measurement solution typically used on wells with high levels of liquids, which can cause gas rate over read. 4) Dualstream 3 uses a patented Solartron approach for water fraction measurement for real-time measurement of phase fractions in wet gas applications.

Offspring International

Mooring and offloading specialist Offspring International (OIL) has an exclusive worldwide agency agreement with valve actuator and control systems supplier Paladon Systems for its Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV) for pipeline end manifolds (PLEM). Conventional PLEM valve operation is usually controlled from the offloading buoy via a control umbilical, or a diver is deployed to manually open and close the valve. In the event the umbilical fails or the sea state is too high for divers, terminal offshore operations may be disrupted or the operator may choose to leave the PLEM valve open, with potential pollution consequences. The ASV is designed to remove the reliance on or eliminate the need for a surface control umbilical or diver intervention. It is designed to be inherently failsafe and provides automated control of subsea valves for up to seven years before requiring any servicing.