New Equipment

August 2017

Fecon Inc.

Fecon Inc. introduces the FTX128R Rubber Tracked Mulcher. The new rubber undercarriage utilizes a heavy duty bogie roller system and metal imbedded rubber tracks. The FTX128R offers 23 in. of ground clearance, powerful steering, excellent traction and ground pressure rating of 4.5 psi for responsive handling in soft wet conditions. The FTX128R is ideal for right-of-way clearing where working on both sides of the road is necessary, or for moving a short distance to the next clearing site. The ride quality is smooth with excellent performance on or off pavement. The FTX128R features attachment versatility with a quick attach coupler combined with up to 60 GPM of in cab adjustable high flow and optional pressure adjustment.

Barko Hydraulics

The new Rough Terrain Carrier (RTC) loader package is the most maneuverable and powerful log loading machine in the Barko product lineup. Providing increased productivity through a sharp turning radius and impressive pulling capacity, the RTC is ideal for safely and efficiently navigating around log yards, sawmills and other tight job sites. The 4-wheel-drive RTC loader package features an exceptionally stable rigid frame that provides 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering capabilities. All four wheels constantly maintain ground contact to provide proper support, allowing the machine to easily traverse rough terrain as it moves from one wood pile to the next. The RTC also includes front and rear planetary drive axles. The unit can travel up to 12 miles per hour and is equipped with a power shift transmission that allows operators to shift on the fly. The RTC delivers approximately 21,000 pounds of drawbar pull.


Finish manufacturer REMU has introduced a new pipeline padding bucket to the North American market. The PD3160 is specifically designed for pipeline padding to preparing padding material used to protect pipelines from damage by any sharp particles. The PD3160 mounts on a 30- to 40-ton excavator. Rotating blades in the bottom of the bucket separate fine particles in homogenous soils from oversized particles which remain in the bucket. Blades are shaped so screening is accomplished without crushing sharp-edged stones. Each blade rotor is powered by a direct drive radial piston motor to evenly distribute base power from the base machine for operating efficiency and fuel savings. The PD3160 bucket is 83 inches wide, 65 inches deep and 63 inches high with a screen area of 16 cubic feet. Weight is 6,400 pounds. The PD3160 padding bucket is available now directly from REMU USA and its distributors.

Prime Horizontal

Prime Horizontal announced a new range of downhole tooling including HDD-specific tricone bits, as well as cutter segments and block leg cutters for use with hole opening. These products can be supplied for self-fabrication or as a complete body with cutters. New 20-inch TCI and MT Block leg cutter segments give options to remove and replace cutters, extending the lifetime of cutter bodies. The new 17½-inch Split Bit segment is one of the largest available that is specifically designed for the HDD industry. Having to use less cutters, with larger surface area and increased bearing life, makes this an economical and effective option. Smaller Bit segments are available upon request. In addition to these hole opening options, Prime Horizontal can provide HDD-specific tricone drill bits from 4¾ inches up to 17½ inches.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has released the new, compact VP30 vibratory plow to help operators efficiently install a variety of residential utility products in tight spaces and with minimal surface disruption. From fiber to small irrigation pipe, the unit is the ideal, cost-effective solution for product installation beneath residential properties. The VP30 is powered by a 31-hp (23-kw) Briggs and Stratton® engine for optimal performance, making the compact machine the most powerful in its size class. The vibratory plow also features a variable flow control—a first to the underground construction industry. This helps utilize power more effectively for outstanding productivity, allowing operators to precisely control the flow to the shaker box or empowering them to adjust ground drive speed to meet a variety of ground conditions. The VP30 has a maximum 12-in (304.8-mm) plow depth and a 4.1-psi (0.28-bar) ground pressure for minimal lawn disruptions and reduced restoration work. This makes the machine a great solution for residential, fiber drop work and small irrigation pipe installation up to 1 in (25.4 mm) in diameter.


Ideal for utility and distribution contractors, the VXT Series is a reliable, cost-effective solution for high-production potholing crews. The new MEGA VAC PTO-driven vacuum excavators come in three standard spoil capacity options: the VXT6 (6-yard), the VXT8 (8-yard), and the VXT10 (10-yard). The VXT Series is a 6-inch (15.2 cm) system featuring spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 gallons (4542.5 to 7570.8 L) and a standard option of 800 gallons (3028.3 L) of fresh water. For off-road applications, larger spoil tank capacities are available from 2,200, 2,600 and 3,000 gallons (8327.9, 9842.1 and 11,356.2 L). The VXT Series is powered by the industry-proven OMSI Gearbox and a ROOTS 3200 CFM (91 m3/min) blower. When the truck is put into PTO mode, the rear axle is disengaged and the OMSI gearbox becomes live to drive the ROOTS blower at 18 inches of mercury and 3200 cfm. The OMSI gearbox hydraulically provides the power to drive the 10 gpm/3,000 psi water pump as well.