New Equipment

September 2017


ARDCO introduces a new AMT Pipe Trailer attachment for the Articulating Multi-Purpose Truck (AMT). Designed for safe and efficient handling of pipe, the AMT Pipe Trailer offers adjustable lengths and exceptional load capacity, making it ideal for off-road transport in pipeline or utility construction applications. Built specifically for the ARDCO AMT 600, the pipe trailer easily attaches to the truck using a supplied hitch mount with conventional fifth wheel connection. The trailer features a flexible-load rear frame with 45-degree swivel capabilities, trailer axles with available braking system, and various tire options. The trailer offers a load capacity of 50,000 pounds. Trailer length can be adjusted from a maximum of 35 feet, 8 inches to a minimum of 22 feet, 2 inches. The AMT 600 is powered by a 250-horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel engine, features selectable 4- or 6-wheel-drive, and has a top travel speed of 25 miles per hour.

StraightLine HDD

StraightLine HDD recently expanded its hole opener offering with the introduction of the XL-I Series. Designed from the ground up for horizontal directional drilling, the XL-I Series is positioned as a cost-effective alternative to “split-bit” hole openers. At the core of the design are proprietary cones—available in six sizes, in either Tungsten Carbide or Mill Tooth configurations. Mounted to a purpose-built platform, the design facilitates load transfer to the shaft and bearing, with minimal radial load. Cones are sized and attached to the baseplate at an angle that protects vulnerable surfaces. Shortened cone height further improves wear resistance. Carbides placed to cut independent paths yield higher efficiency and longer service life. As a platform, the XL-I Series incorporates design characteristics that ensure the tool’s original geometry is maintained—even after rebuild. The XL-I Series includes six sizes, from 12.75- to 24-inches with IF Box x Box shafts.


McLaughlin revealed a new line of underground utility locators. The Vision locators combine proven McLaughlin technologies to ensure accuracy with new features to help contractors find underground utilities more efficiently. The Vision product line includes three models: the LX for utility contractors, the FLX2 with fault finding capabilities for power companies and secondary power contractors, and the premium GX2, designed with professional locators in mind. The Vision LX locator has a streamlined design and simple user interface. The LX combines the peak locating screen and null locating screen into one display. This allows the user to capitalize on the benefits of both functions — the accuracy of the peak mode and the user-friendliness of the null mode — without toggling back and forth between screens. The Vision FLX2 has the same features and functions as the Vision LX locator plus secondary and sheaths fault-finding capabilities. Designed with power companies and secondary power contractors in mind, the FLX2 allows contractors to quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of faults in power and telecommunications cables.

TT Technologies

TT Technologies offers a full line of Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools for trenchless casing installation. Available in 11 styles, Grundoram ramming gear is able to accommodate 4- through 120-inch casing installations. These tools provide accurate installation in a variety of soil conditions, including rockier soils. During the ramming process the rammer is attached to the rear of the casing, and then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows. Ramming tools, in general, are capable of installing 4- through 147-inch diameter pipe and steel casings.

Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta Coating Systems introduced the latest addition to its high-temperature, corrosion resistant internal pipe coatings with the release of Nap-Gard® 7-0016, a thermosetting epoxy powder that is designed to provide excellent chemical resistance in temperatures up to 150°C (302°F). The environments explored by oil and gas operators have higher temperatures and concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and other gas contaminants. Axalta’s Nap-Gard collection of powder coatings are used on external and internal oil, gas and water pipelines with single, dual, and multi-layer application options. Nap-Gard also provides corrosion protection solutions that can be used to coat valves, fittings and rebar.


REMU has introduced a new pipeline padding bucket to the North American market. The PD3160 is specifically designed for pipeline padding to preparing padding material used to protect pipelines from damage by any sharp particles, said Eric Dupee, vice president of REMU USA. Rotating blades in the bottom of the bucket separate fine particles in homogenous soils from oversized particles which remain in the bucket. Blades are shaped so screening is accomplished without crushing sharp-edged stones. Each blade rotor is powered by a direct drive radial piston motor to evenly distribute base power from the base machine for operating efficiency and fuel savings. The PD3160 bucket is 83 inches wide, 65 inches deep and 63 inches high with a screen area of 16 cubic feet. Weight is 6,400 pounds.