New Equipment

October 2017

T.D. Williamson

Hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) fittings are a crucial part of pipeline integrity, enabling operators to isolate an in-service pipeline for repair, replacement, maintenance, or other work. Having the right fitting at the jobsite exactly when it is needed is essential to avoiding project delays and risk. Part of the total TDW HT&P solution, the ProSeries™ offering is engineered and manufactured using model-based processes. The result is reduced lead time, substantially faster deliveries, consistent quality, and compliance. The ProSeries range expands the capabilities of the standard STOPPLE® and STOPPLE Plus fittings, allowing operators to address multiple applications and operating conditions. ProSeries fittings are currently available for 4-inch through 36-inch ASME Class 600 STOPPLE Plus and STOPPLE systems. 


Rheidiant is developing a real-time monitoring solution, bringing Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to hard to access assets of oil and gas operators. Its Smart Sign™ integrity management system is a unique service that allows operators to spot previously undetectable leaks on their pipelines before they turn into large environmental spills. The system’s trenchless deployment and wireless connectivity make it the only cost-effective solution for aging assets with the highest risk of incidents. The technology was recently tested by a third-party research facility at full-scale, validating its capability of detecting small leaks from a distance. Rheidiant is currently partnering with a leading pipeline operator to deploy its devices on a major interstate crude oil pipeline.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduced two new additions to the Thunderbolt lineup of stick welding power sources. The Thunderbolt 160 and Thunderbolt 210 offer power and lightweight portability for a variety of light industrial applications, including garage and job shops, farm and ranch, maintenance repair, and light production-line work. The new machines are nearly 100 pounds lighter than the leading competitive machine, weighing just 15 and 15.5 pounds, making them easier to carry and store. Operators can work smarter, not harder, by bringing the welder to the work. The Thunderbolt 160 and 210 also have up to 85 more amps of power compared to the leading competitive machine, so operators can weld thicker materials — up to 5/32-inch mild steel. Equipped with Hot Start™ technology to provide easy, quick and reliable arc starts, the machines deliver precise, accurate and infinite amperage control and heat output.

Thermo Scientific iQ Series

The Thermo Scientific iQ Series gas analyzers are the first instruments developed on the new, innovative Thermo Scientific iQ Series environmental monitoring platform and build upon earlier generations. They are designed to be more reliable and more accessible than predecessor models while offering faster, more precise and uninterrupted data acquisition capabilities. The analyzers also feature a new touchscreen interface designed to optimize user control over source emission and ambient monitoring data. Additionally, predictive diagnostics and preventative maintenance alerts allow operators to proactively plan their routine servicing activities, which helps to mitigate emergency situations and optimize efficiency during remote operation.


Vacuworx has introduced a compact vacuum lifting system for handling concrete slabs, steel trench plates, pipe and other job-site lifting needs. The new CM 3 system is designed to fit on skid-steer loaders, track and articulated wheel loaders, said Randy Hayes, Vacuworx corporate sales director. “To the best of our knowledge, the CM 3 is the only vacuum lifting system like it on the market.” It is available now directly from Vacuworx or its authorized dealers. According to Hayes, vacuum lifting is safer and more efficient than conventional methods such as anchors, books, slings and chains. Because of its compact size, the CM 3 can be used on compact host machines that can work in areas where larger equipment cannot operate. The CM 3 operates with a hydraulically driven vacuum pump using the auxiliary hydraulics of the host machine. A minimum 10 gallons per minute (gpm) is required, with a maximum 3,000 psi. Maximum lifting capacity is 6,600 pounds. A preset flow control valve is designed to ensure optimal performance of the host vehicle.


The latest generation of RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras is purpose-built to help inspect, locate and diagnose issues faster than ever. The Micro CA-150 and Micro CA-350 Inspection Cameras are for professionals working in tough environments who require the latest technology for quick job-site feedback and project implementation. The Micro CA-150 has a large 3.5-inch color display for clear and fast diagnosis in tight dark spaces. Plus, the camera’s internal memory can save up to 20 images that can be reviewed later, on-screen. Now standard with a 12V rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the Micro CA-350 lasts up to eight hours and takes only 45 minutes to recharge, so users can perform more inspections in a shorter period of time. The camera’s image rotation and digital zoom make capturing still images and videos easier. Both cameras include a comfortable pistol-grip design, LED lights to illuminate dark spaces, large screens for easy viewing and a full lifetime warranty.