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Pettibone LLC

Pettibone has introduced the Cary-Lift 254i to its line of pipe, pole and log handlers. Purpose-built to deliver numerous safety and performance benefits over other material handling alternatives, the Cary-Lift is particularly adept at moving and placing heavy pipe in stock yards and construction sites. The Cary-Lift 254i features a unique overhead lift arm design, giving the operator full front visibility when lifting or transporting loads – a sharp contrast to the lift arms on wheel loaders, which are located directly in front of the vehicle. Additionally, Cary-Lift forks are capable of tilting down 90 degrees for specialized lifting tasks, such as unloading pipe from railroad gondola cars. The 254i is powered by a 225-horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 diesel engine with DOC and SCR aftertreatment. The unit includes an engine-driven fan, cooling package and engine block heater as standard equipment. The machine provides a maximum load capacity of 25,000 pounds and max lift height of 14 feet. Offering 4-wheel drive with 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab hydraulic power steering modes – and with the wheelbase limited to just 12 feet – the 254i can achieve a turning radius of 23 feet, 6 inches. A quick attach system increases the machine’s versatility, with fork frames, pipe and pole baler, log baler, scrap baler and tire handler all available as attachments.


Caterpillar has launched a new Cat® Connect Service offering for Electric Power customers. Cat Connect combines equipment, technology and services to improve productivity, control costs and reduce risk, as well as positively impact safety and sustainability. This digital service will provide customers and dealers the ability to remotely monitor, locate and manage their generator sets. Combined with the Cat dealers’ industry-leading service capabilities, Cat Connect services will enable them to deliver unprecedented value to customers by helping them control costs, reduce risk and improve business and system performance. Cat Connect can monitor location, health and efficiency of the generator sets and send alerts back to the dealer or customer through user interfaces, allowing them to conduct preventative maintenance, performance optimization and life cycle planning. Alerts can be customized, helping customers proactively manage their generator sets.  Plans are in place to expand capabilities, such as providing visualization of information on non-generator set assets, developing reports, remote start and stop and augmented reality.

PipeLine Machinery International

PipeLine Machinery International has announced the newest custom equipment solution to the pipeline industry: PANTHER T14R and PANTHER T16 by PRINOTH. Offering the highest speed combined with the highest payload in its class, the PANTHER T14R and PANTHER T16 carriers set new standards in productivity and mobility. The PANTHER T14R rotating carrier will allow the continuous rotation of the upper portion of the vehicle independent from the undercarriage. The patent-pending direction reset allows the operator to reset the vehicle’s upper and lower portions’ alignment (front to back) by simply pushing a button. The PANTHER T14R has a 29 100 lb (13 200 kg) payload capacity and a loaded ground pressure of 7.46 psi. Together with a superior speed of 8.1 mph (13 km/hr) and its narrower width of less than 102 in., the PANTHER T14R provides a solution to working in tight, challenging areas where other vehicles do not have access. The PANTHER T16 carrier has the highest payload in its class at 33 500 lb (15 195 kg) and a ground pressure of 6.87 psi, fully loaded. Available in the tilting flat bed or dumper configurations, the PANTHER T16 was designed for the rubber track option to provide a sturdy undercarriage composed of five large wheels with both a tandem and a tridem suspension. This creates a uniform distribution of the load over the rubber track while offering superior suspension. With a maximum speed of 8 mph (13 km/hr), the PANTHER T16 is sure to increase productivity, regardless of the project.

Yokogawa Corp. of America

Yokogawa Corp. of America has announced the release of Y-Flow®. The Y-Flow® product family consists of the Y-Flow® YFFC (Field Flow Computer) and Y-Flow® YRTU (Remote Terminal Unit). The Y-Flow® YFFC is a low power orifice flow computer designed to measure AGA 3 orifice gas flow and the Y-Flow® YRTU is a low power remote terminal unit designed to measure various complex AGA gas flow calculations as well as remote control applications. The overall basic function of an electronic flow computer is to calculate and record flow rate using industry standard algorithms as natural gas and other hydrocarbons pass through a meter of a segmented section of pipeline. These meters could include, but are not limited to, orifice meters, linear meters, ultrasonic meters, or Coriolis meters. The Y-Flow® YRTU is a remote terminal unit that allows an external turbine meter, ultrasonic meter, multivariable transmitters and Coriolis meter to be connected to measure complex AGA gas flow calculations. In addition, the Y-Flow® YRTU can measure, monitor and control other remote applications.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced the new MT9 microtrencher attachment, designed to improve productivity and reduce the cost-per-foot on small fiber job sites. Developed to work in tandem with the Ditch Witch line of mini skid steers, the industry-first system is the ideal solution for tight and confined residential areas, such as street crossings. To reduce ground disruption, the MT9 creates clean, shallow trenches up to 9 inches deep and 0.375 to 1.5 inches wide. A patented blade plunge provides infinite variable depth control while the machine is in operation. Additionally, the microtrencher works with the FX65 vacuum excavator to further create a clean trench in one pass by effectively removing spoils. Designed specifically for street crossings, an ability to push or pull the microtrencher keeps the saw in the ground for efficient and accurate cuts. By eliminating the need to realign during a cut, operators can complete the cut faster and produce a better-looking finish.

Komatsu America

Komatsu America has introduced the new PC210LCi-11 hydraulic excavator. Money-saving efficiency and automatics, combined with operator-friendly, machine-control-enabled joysticks make it one of the most versatile and productive excavators on the market. Its industry-leading technology offers up to a 63-percent improvement in efficiency over a standard PC210LC-11, with added traditional stake-plus-grade-checker methods. The extra efficiency can save time and money by minimizing the need and expense of grading dozers and grade checkers, and the costs associated with over-excavating. As a result, customers can potentially collect on-time or finish-early project bonuses.