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PipeLine Machinery International
PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), Caterpillar’s global pipeline equipment dealer, has teamed with LaValley Industries and is the exclusive distributor of the DECKHAND™ Pipe Handling System, for use in pipeline and directional drilling construction. The DECKHAND system accomplishes precise pipe handling and placement without requiring ground crew to work in the vicinity of moving pipe. The system can also safely handle pipe in inclement weather and snow and ice conditions. It consists of the main head which mounts to most excavators, as any other work tool, using the Quick Attach function. The excavator’s hydraulics and electrical systems are easily connected to the DECKHAND, using two quick couplers. Interchangeable grab arms are designed for use with directional drilling pipe casing (Directional Drilling Arms), multiple sizes of utility pipe (Utility Arms) and mainline pipe (Pipeline Arms).

The Caterpillar PL61 Pipelayer provides 40,000 pounds of lift capacity. The PL61 features a Cat C6.6 ACERT engine, closed-loop hydraulic drive system, oval track SystemOne undercarriage and an electronically enhanced operator station. The pipelayer also maintains hydrostatic draw-works, two speed load line and extendible counterweight. Available with either a canopy or an optional enclosed cab, the PL61 operator station features a pair of electro-hydraulic joysticks designed for intuitive control of travel and lifting functions. The operator station provides clear line of sight to all work areas, including the boom and upper block, which are visible through a roof-mounted skylight. For added control, a combination decelerator/brake pedal can be configured to slow the machine with or without a reduction in engine speed. The 18-foot boom is constructed of high-tensile-strength steel, allowing a robust box-section design that is durable, yet lightweight to optimize payload capacity.

TD Williamson
TD Williamson’s website says its rugged and dependable TDW SmartTrap® Launchers and Receivers are designed and built with consistent high quality workmanship. With its decades of accumulated “hands-on” experience, TDW says it produces launchers and receivers designed by experts to handle the toughest field conditions. It is designed to meet such pigging needs as inline inspection, pipeline cleaning, batching and displacement. Standardized features included are said to make the pigging process a smooth and efficient procedure. With extra emphasis on safety, TD Williamson’s easy-opening D2000 Clamp Ring Closures on all units and PIG-SIG® IV Passage Indicators are included on all receivers.

CRC-Evans Automatic Welding
CRC-Evans Automatic Welding is introducing a new generation welding system incorporating laser vision welding and inspection technology. Said to be engineered to reduce total time of the pipeline welding process while increasing weld quality, the Vision System provides what the company terms remarkable flexibility in the field. Components of the Vision System include the V Weld – an external welding machine with adaptive weld technology; the V Bevel for bevel inspection at the beveling station; the V Root for root inspection at the welding station; and the V Purge – a fully automatic purge control system to control and monitor the purge chamber parameters.  All use laser vision technology.

Super Products LLC

In response to growing customer requests and industry demand for a smaller truck-mounted hydro excavator, Super Products LLC has recently added a new unit that features a 6.5 cubic yard debris dump body to its line of Mud Dog® products. Specifically designed for easy maneuverability, the new Mud Dog 650 hydro excavator is ideal for safe, effective digging in confined urban settings, rough compact terrains, and remote hard-to-reach locations. The Mud Dog 650 has a 500 gallon fresh water tank and offers water pressures up to 10GPM @ 2500 PSI for outstanding digging performance, while its 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides air flow of 3600 cfm/18 Hg to ensure thorough clean up of debris.

Lincoln Electric Company
The Lincoln Electric Company has enhanced its Vantage® 500 engine-driven welder with a new model in a compact case. Now, at the same dimensions as the Vantage® 300 and 400 models, the Vantage 500 Perkins® is described as ideally sized for truck beds where available space and weight capacity are limited. This new model is designed to handle the most demanding construction, pipeline, rental fleet or repair applications. All Vantage 500 models feature a standard stainless steel roof and side panels for reduced maintenance and corrosion-resistance, as well as simple controls to minimize training time. The Vantage 500 Perkins is powered by an environmentally friendly, four-cylinder, 1,800-RPM Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine.

Pipeline Inspection Company
Total Support Initiative (TSI) literature from the Pipeline Inspection Company describes their new service and quality control program for customers and distributors of SPY® holiday detectors and pig detection equipment.  The aim of the program is to enable distributions to enter or expand rental and services without taking on additional overhead and liability. Management at Pipeline Inspection say the program will also ensure that all customers receive top quality SPY® products, accessories and support. As part of the program, the company has increased their new product and rental inventories to provide the customer same or next day shipping anywhere in the U.S. Under the new TSI program all warranty and field support services will remain intact for the entire SPY product line.

Hobart Brothers
To improve weld quality on modified Grade 91 steels used in high-temperature, high-pressure applications in the petroleum and power industries, Hobart Brothers offers its Tri-Mark® TM-B9 welding wire. The company says its gas-shielded flux-cored wire offers all-position welding capabilities and fully matches the base material properties, ensuring top weld quality no matter the location of the weld. The TM-B9 wire meets the requirements of chrome-moly welding, including providing an X-factor of less than 15 ppm. The Tri-Mark TM-B9 welding wire also provides a weld deposit with low diffusible hydrogen content—3.10 ml per 100g of weld metal—to prevent cracking during the pre- and post-weld heat treat cycles of Grade 91 steels. The Tri-Mark TM-B9 wire is available in .045-inch diameters on 33 lb. spools. It operates with a shielding gas mixture of 75% Argon and 25 percent CO2.

Southeast Directional Drilling LLC
Southeast Directional Drilling LLC offers more than 100 years of field experience in pipelining and directional drilling. The company has completed several hundred bores including a record length bore of 6,380 feet. Another record was set in Trinidad with the successful completion of three 56-inch HDD crossings, a world record for largest diameter performed by the horizontal directional drilling method. Since the company’s inception in 2002, several hundred miles of HDDs have been completed, of which 35 miles were 42-inch crossings. Southeast’s fleet of drilling rigs range from 80,000 lbs to 1.4 million lbs of pullback capacity providing the ability to work on any size project, from 6- to 56-inch.

Midwestern Manufacturing Company
Midwestern Manufacturing Company produces the M583C sideboom attachment for the John Deere 1050J model crawler tractor, shown here. The M583C/1050J pipelayer has a maximum lift capacity of 140,000 lbs. and was developed by Midwestern’s engineering group working closely with John Deere Construction Division engineers and senior representatives.  The John Deere tractor with the Midwestern sideboom attachment has received high praise for its overall balance, visibility and operator friendly controls.  The 1050J model, as well as the Midwestern sideboom pipelayer attachments on the 750J and 850J model tractors, is available through the John Deere Construction Division Dealer network. Midwestern is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for over 50 years has engineered and manufactured specialized pipeline construction equipment.

Mears Group
The Mears Group, a Quanta Services Company, is an international engineering and construction company with more than 500 employees encompassing pipeline related services. The Engineering/Technical Division provides turnkey pipeline integrity management services. The Horizontal Directional Drilling Division is one of the largest HDD contractors in the world, owning 28 HDD rigs working in the pipeline, utility and fiber industries. Projects include river, road and railroad crossings, shore approaches and intersects and installing steel, HDPE and FPVC

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch® recently introduced the 830R/T high-frequency electronic locating system. The 830R/T (receiver/transmitter) system is designed to provide performance at a high active frequency. The company says one advantage of a high-frequency locator is its ability to trace poor conductors, such as ungrounded tracer wire, and locate short lengths of utility infrastructure better than low-frequency units. Numerous automatic features—such as gain control, auto depth, and visual and audio feedback make the 830R/T easy for even novice operators to identify and trace metallic pipe or cable, water, and gas distribution lines.