New Equipment

April 2018


Seatronics announced a global distribution agreement that will see Seatronics invest in ROV3D Recon DVR rental units for their Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi offices. Whitecap Scientific’s ROV3D Recon DVR allows any ROV with two cameras to generate measurable 3D point clouds of subsea structures and assets during routine operations. ROV3D point clouds are generated in real-time, with no need for post-processing. By seamlessly enhancing an ROV’s existing SD or HD cameras, ROV3D Recon makes spatial data accessible for every subsea operation.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has released a new, advanced lineup of vacuum excavators to boost operator productivity and versatility on municipality and underground construction jobs. The new HX-Series models feature innovative and patent-pending designs that meet the diverse and evolving customer needs on a range of applications—from compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation, potholing, slot trenching, and micro-trenching applications. The new line of Ditch Witch vacuum excavators includes three models—the HX30, HX50 and HX75—each with outstanding suction and water pressure, and featuring a patent-pending design for optimized air flow. Each model also features a standard, cyclonic three-stage filtration system, offering the industry’s best filtration for maximum protection of key components.

The vacuum excavators are equipped with Kubota® Tier 4 final engines, providing a range of 24.8, 49 and 74 hp to the HX30, HX50 and HX75, respectively. The three units provide more fuel capacity than each of their predecessors for longer job durations. And the engines boost power without producing powerful noise. Advanced sound-reducing technology creates minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and contributes to superior operator comfort.

Red Hen Systems

Red Hen Systems announced it has created Pipeline Leak Detection Services (PLDS). PLDS uses a multi-sensor detection system to locate, and quantify in real-time fugitive methane through aerial and ground surveys, and is currently helping oil & gas producers in Colorado and neighboring producing states to comply with state regulations in keeping their infrastructure safety gas-free. PLDS includes a BOREAL gas detector, FLIR Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), Sony color cameras, Garmin GPS, and RHS video mapping software. It also records the patrol, measures abnormal elevated gas concentrations, geo-locates the source of gas emissions in Google Earth, and generates a report for ticket filing and potential replacement of the defective part. 


Pettibone has added the Cary-Lift 254i to its line of pipe, pole and log handlers. Purpose-built to deliver numerous safety and performance benefits over other material handling alternatives, the Cary-Lift is particularly adept at moving and placing heavy pipe in stock yards and construction sites. The Cary-Lift 254i features a unique overhead lift arm design, giving the operator full front visibility when lifting or transporting loads – a sharp contrast to the lift arms on wheel loaders, which are located directly in front of the vehicle. Additionally, Cary-Lift forks are capable of tilting down 90 degrees for specialized lifting tasks, such as unloading pipe from railroad gondola cars. Powered by a 225-horsepower Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 diesel engine with DOC and SCR after-treatment, the unit includes an engine-driven fan, cooling package and engine block heater as standard equipment. It has a maximum load capacity of 25,000 pounds and max lift height of 14 feet. Offering 4-wheel drive with 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab hydraulic power steering modes – and the wheelbase limited to just 12 feet – the 254i can achieve a turning radius of 23 feet 6 inches.

HammerHead Trenchless

The new 22-ton, radio remote-controlled HydroGuide HG2200 completes HammerHead’s line of next-generation cable winches designed for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use in pipe-bursting, slip-lining and pipe-slitting applications. Radio remote-control provides operators maximum visibility when positioning the winch, freeing them from a position at the controls on the back of the unit. Operators simply launch the unit’s patented 23-foot hydraulic boom with the touch of a button, and can fine-tune its depth to 20 feet. The boom is adjustable along all three axes for exact positioning. The HG2200 is now the largest tonnage unit equipped with the unique, self-deploying boom, exclusive to HammerHead Trenchless. Line speed and pressure for the unit’s 2,500 feet of cable are both infinitely adjustable within their parameters. The HG2200 is available in wheeled or tracked configurations and comes standard with hydraulic levelling jacks.

TT Technologies

TT Technologies’ redesigned Grundopit pit-launched mini directional drill is well-suited for difficult fiber-to-the-home and utility service line installations in tight working conditions.  The compact unit – 54 inches long, 43 inches wide and 57 inches tall – delivers 13,489 pounds of thrust and pullback, and 553 foot-pounds of torque with bore length up to 150 feet. It’s an ideal entry-level system for utilities and cable industries, or as a supplement to larger units. The new unit features a patented, instant plug-in lock that holds the drill stem in place, allowing a new drill stem to be added easily by engaging it at the rotational motor.  This means that drill stems are only screwed into the lead stem and not the rotational motor, cutting in half the time it takes to add a stem. Components include a two-part bore rig, patented drill stem plug-in, 30 drill stems, bore head with angled steering surface, backreamer and swivel coupling, hose package and power pack.