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Pipeline Machinery (Beijing) Co. Ltd. 
PipeLine Machinery (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (PLM-Cat) recently participated in the launch of the new VP72Gs2 pipelayer in China. Partnering with China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP), Vanguard Equipment Inc. and under license from Caterpillar, this new 40-ton pipelayer is built in China for the China and Asia markets. Company officials say the VP72Gs2 pipelayer is designed to meet most of the specifications of the Cat 572R-II pipelayer. It is also built on the Cat D7G2 chassis. The D7G2 tractor has been manufactured in China for several years.
    The manufacturing facility selected for the project is CPP’s Huabei Petroleum Engineering construction (HPEC) facility at Renqiu in Huabei province, near Beijing. The Huabei factory has extensive experience in building pipelayers in China. Through concerted effort and cooperation from all of the partners in this project over the past 13 months, the Huabei factory completed three VP72Gs2 pipelayers that were presented in a ceremony on October 27, 2010. The new pipelayer will be distributed exclusively by PLM-Cat.

Lincoln Electric
Lincoln Electric has introduced two new lines of stainless welding consumables, Excalibur® stainless stick electrode and Lincolnweld® stainless submerged arc wire and flux. These brands replace the company’s existing stainless products, Red Baron® and Blue Max®. Similar to previous consumables, the new Excalibur stainless stick electrodes feature exceptional welding characteristics and new Lincoln weld stainless wire and flux feature a variety of options for all your stainless welding requirements. Both brands and have been tested to conform to the same agency classifications as the previous stainless offering. Therefore, no additional procedure qualification is required. The new lines of products offer a variety of alloys, including 308, 309 and 316. In addition, each stick electrode alloy will continue to feature multiple coating types designed to provide excellent operating characteristics in a range of welding positions. Additionally, alloy and coating type designations have been added to the name of each product to make it easy for customers to find the right product for their application.

John Deere
John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) recently introduced its extended generator drive emergency stationary power ratings for its PowerTech™ E 6.8L diesel engine. The PowerTech E 6.8L, 6068HFG82, is the first John Deere engine to carry both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 Emergency Stationary and European Union (EU) Stage III A certification, with dual frequency ratings of 1800 and 1500 rpm. The 212 kWm rating at 1800 rpm is currently available from John Deere with a PowerTech Plus 6.8L engine, but the new engine will provide gen-set owners a competitive advantage by offering a dual frequency PowerTech E engine at the same power level. Before the introduction of these new ratings, the highest PowerTech E 6.8L power rating was 177 kWm at 1800 rpm. The 20% power increase from the existing PowerTech E 6.8L platform adds to the JDPS engine lineup that meets power generation needs and emissions regulations worldwide. Gen-set customers can now utilize the PowerTech E platform from 60 – 345 kW with 2.4L, 3.0L, 4.5L, 6.8L and 9.0L displacements.

T.D. Williamson
T.D. Williamson is offering a data sheet on its D-500 Threaded Closures that the company says are an economical solution for providing quick, easy and safe internal access to pressure vessels (pig traps, filters / strainers, blow downs). With quick delivery and optional features, D-500 Threaded Closures will become your small diameter closures of choice. They are easy to install and are offered in the following sizes: Without hinge, 2 – 8-inch (standard); Horizontal hinge, 10 – 14-inch (standard);  Horizontal hinge, 4 – 8-inch (special order);  Vertical hinge,  4 – 14-inch (special order).

Ditch Witch®
Ditch Witch® now offers optional GPS systems for tracking and managing both construction and non-construction equipment. These state-of-the-art systems are  web-based, with no software to install, so they are accessible from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Each GPS system can be configured for daily updates or for 5- or 10 second live tracking, the fastest updates in the industry. The equipment tracker also can be used to locate stolen equipment and help prevent theft. With the GPS system’s “geo-fence” feature, an automatic notification is sent out – via a text message or e-mail – if the equipment goes outside of the fence. Both the equipment tracker and vehicle tracker are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so they can be installed in a concealed location. Customers can choose the types ofmonitoring services that fit their needs and budget.

NIMTech Inc.
NIMTech Inc. offers a flyer spotlighting its SonicGauge™ non-invasive ultrasonic technology to simultaneously measure multiple properties of a substance flowing through a pipeline. The flyer says the process utilizes dispersive ultrasound, non-linear measurement methods and proprietary algorithms to determine the precise product quality, on-line and in real time. The ultrasonic sensors are connected to a programmable and trainable neural network classification system to help pipeline operators reduce “out of spec” costs, energy usage and material waste, even in the most complex monitoring environment. Two transducers are clamped onto the outside of the pipeline and connected to an electronic digital signal processor unit that generates, detects and filters the characteristic ultrasonic frequencies.

New Era Technology, Inc.
New Era Technology, Inc. says its Terrain Surveillance Services Program (TSSP) provides the latest technology in pipeline incursion identification and leak detection utilizing aerial remote methane leak detectors (RMLDs) and a web based system of accurate, permanent documentation to help assure the integrity and security of pipeline and power transmission infrastructure. New Era Technology, Inc. offers a complete aerial flight service or individual products for companies with their own aircraft.

American Innovations
American Innovations’ Field Data Division (FDD) has introduced the BATtxt application for its Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT) website. BAT is an asset management interface for AI’s Bullhorn Wireless Remote Monitoring System, which monitors and collects data from oil and gas assets such as CP equipment.  It is said to provide immediate, in-depth visibility of unit status and offers a proven backend system to collect, store and report on crucial equipment data. The BATtxt application allows users to interact with BAT via mobile phone to acquire information about their Bullhorn Remote Monitoring unit, including the activity and current channel values.  Users can also turn notifications on and off and acknowledge alarms.

A portable, I.D. clamping end prep tool for prepping hard alloy pipe for welding in situ, especially on oil rigs and in other remote locations, is available from ESCO Tool. The Esco Prepzilla MILLHOG® I.D. clamping welding end prep tool can bevel any angle of prep and square the pipe ends on Super Duplex stainless steel, P-91, and other hard alloys in one-step.  Featuring one mandrel and eight sets of clamps to fit pipe from 1-1/2-inch I.D. to 8-5/8-inch O.D., this portable tool weighs only 40 lbs. and requires no special operator training. Supplied with cutting blades that transfer heat away from the pipe surface to prevent work hardening and extend blade life, the clamping welding end prep tool pulls a thick chip without cutting oils.  Generating 1,500 ft.-lbs. of torque at the cutting blade, this tool has a 2 HP air motor supported by dual opposed tapered roller bearings. It is available for rent in the continental U.S.

A custom-built welding tractor — the latest pipeline offering from Caterpillar — was unveiled late last year at the company’s Grenoble Echirolles plant in France. The company said the new 953D Welding Tractor is targeted for pipeline contractors who are looking for a reliable, durable machine to support welding operations. A product announcement about the machine was made in late December by PipeLine Machinery-Cat (PLM-Cat), Caterpillar’s worldwide pipeline machinery dealership.
    The base vehicle is a 953D Track Loader with what the company describes as some key modifications to the front and rear allowing for installation of the welding equipment required for both manual and automatic pipeline welding.  It is equipped with a world-class ROPS cab and is available with a front-mounted crane capable of holding a one-ton welding tent up to 10 meters out from the machine. The tractor’s C6.6 Caterpillar engine not only drives the machine through a well-proven hydrostatic transmission, but also drives the generator.

Dresser-Rand Group Inc.
Dresser-Rand Group Inc. is offering a comprehensive list of product training programs in 2011, designed to help clients reduce equipment maintenance costs and ensure product reliability. Product training is offered for Dresser-Rand’s centrifugal compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, process gas and separable gas field reciprocating compressors, integral gas engines, and control systems. Customized training programs specific to a client’s machinery can also be arranged. All instructor-led, classroom and hands-on training is offered at Dresser-Rand factory training centers in New York State, Houston, TX, and various regional service centers across the U.S. Clients outside the U.S. can participate in programs offered at training facilities in Le Havre, France; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Peterborough, UK; Cilegon, Indonesia; Shanghai, China; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.