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The automatic orbital welding systems now being used on large pipeline jobs create narrow weld bevels that require a specially designed stringer bead brush for cleaning. The new J-Bevel brush from Pferd Advance Brush meets that need with a 3/16-inch wide brush face and an extra long 1 ¼-inch trim length that allows bristles to reach into tight bevels and clean out contamination beginning with the first bead. For a free data sheet explaining all specifications on the J-Bevel or to learn about other products, visit

CECO Pipeline Services
CECO Pipeline Services says on its website that it is the premier contractor for pipeline operators—safely providing erosion control, quality construction and maintenance services at a reasonable price. The services group constructs, repairs and maintains natural gas pipelines, with services that include pipeline integrity work, pipe fabrication, coating applications, corrosion services, erosion control, grounds maintenance, compliance work and mechanical services.

Mathey Dearman
Mathey Dearman’s machines and systems are known throughout the industry not only on pipelines and in pipe fabrication shops, but in refineries, power and petrochemical plants, and on ships — to name just a few places. Now the company’s Product Improvement Team is calling attention to the latest product to benefit from the team’s efforts – the Monarch Band Crawler. Not only has it been made more robust to handle the rigors of the jobsite, the Monarch Band Crawler has been given a new motor to enable it to run at plasma-speed and newly designed legs to give it better traction on the band. In addition, it offers a newly designed double-torch arm to make adjustment of the torch-to-pipe height easier than ever.

Lincoln Electric
The Lincoln Electric Company has enhanced its Vantage® 500 engine-driven welder with a new model in a compact case. Now, at the same dimensions as the Vantage® 300 and 400 models, the Vantage 500 Perkins® is described as ideally sized for truck beds where available space and weight capacity are limited. This new model is designed to handle the most demanding construction, pipeline, rental fleet or repair applications. All Vantage 500 models feature a standard stainless steel roof and side panels for reduced maintenance and corrosion-resistance, as well as simple controls to minimize training time. The Vantage 500 Perkins is powered by an environmentally friendly, four-cylinder, 1,800-RPM Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine.

Polyguard Products
Polyguard™ points to its non-shielding pipe coating RD-6. The company’s communications say that RD-6 coating systems have been used by major operators since 1988 and, to the knowledge of Polyguard, there has never been a case of serious corrosion found under RD-6. The company says it believes the shielding problem has been “largely ignored worldwide.” Polyguard says it has been ISO 9000 certified since 1996 with current certificates: American National Standards Institute, Dutch Council for Certification and Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat.

Vacuworx International
On its website, Vacuworx International spotlights its new fully self contained, patent-pending lifter, MC3. The company says because the 3-ton capacity lifter is self contained, it attaches to excavators, forklifts, wheel loaders, cranes and boom trucks. Tubular products such as steel, concrete, plastic, or coated pipe of most types are lifted with ease. Advantages include : fully self-contained; no external power systems required; smaller size (dry wt. 900 lbs); fewer ground personnel required; up to 3 ton capacity; no damage to coatings; pipe can be stockpiled without spacers; any pipe and slabs can be handled, including concrete, steel, or poly; a sophisticated wireless remote control has many “fail safe” features; and only the suction pad(s) must be changed to switch to different pipe diameter.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
Flash! Filters from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies are said by the company to provide one-click image optimization resulting in faster image enhancement and streamlined weld X-ray inspection workflow. A plug-in module for GE’s Rhythm® Review, Flash! Filters automatically applies enhancements with one button mouse click, eliminating time previously spent adjusting the brightness and contrast settings to obtain the sharpest image.  Flash! Filters can also convert flat digital images into a film-like image. Following the DICONDE standard, the filters are applied as layers on the image, giving operators the ability to always revert to the raw image, ensuring reliability of the data.  Using the filters is said to save about 10 seconds of analysis time per five inches of weld.

Geneq Inc.
Geneq Inc. says it is the pioneer in high-performance single frequency GPS mapping systems. It recently announced what the company describes as one of the world’s smallest dual frequency (GPS L1/L2) GPS RTK receivers for high-accuracy GIS data collection along pipeline construction rights of way. Named the SXBlue III GPS, it weighs a little more than one pound (517 g) and fits in the palm of your hand. Equally small is its patch antenna. At only 5.5 cm wide and weighing 80 grams, it is said by the company to easily be one of the smallest dual frequency antennas in the world.

McElroy says most pipeline job sites require a mix of heavy machinery to maneuver pipes into place. McElroy’s new MegaMc® Pipe Stands are described as self-contained, gasoline-powered pipe stands that eliminate the need for a piece of heavy machinery to hold the pipe in place. Two models are available. A 36- to 65-inch model accommodates pipes up to 16,000 lbs., while an 8- to 36-inch model handles pipe up to 9,000 lbs. Besides the productivity gained from allowing heavy machinery to be used elsewhere on the site, the stands offer 24 inches of lateral movement, as well as 34 inches of vertical adjustability. This freedom of movement allows the operator to maneuver the stick of pipe to the height of a thermoplastic pipe fusion

Association Of Equipment Manufacturers
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has significantly updated its compact excavator safety manual and now offers a new Spanish/English version of the material. The new manual has been expanded from 40 to 52 pages. Enhancements include a new section on trenching safety; safe mounting and dismounting; utility locating practices; attachment installation; installation, use and maintenance of quick-couplers; and use of newer safety design features such as gate or armrest-based hydraulic control locks and enhanced operator protection systems. Information on use of One-Call services and the USA national 811 number is also provided. Some safety materials are offered in downloadable files or in DVD format. AEM members receive discounts on select materials. All AEM safety manuals, videos and related safety and training products are available online at

The Kobelco SK850LC Super ACERA full size excavator features an enhanced cab design for operator comfort and efficiency. The machine provides extremely competitive breakout, drawbar pull and swing torque forces, combining precision and power. The SK850LC has four standard working modes. The H Model allows heavy digging and high productivity. The S Mode delivers standard digging and increased fuel economy. The B Mode powers one-way flow attachments. The A-Mode powers attachments that require two-way flow. The excavator can be configured four different ways for shipping and transport to meet local requirements.

A new hand-held inspection camera from Peerless Creations travels easily to remote area, wirelessly capturing up to 32 GB of video and still images, making it possible to inspect process piping, heat exchangers, tubes, exhaust stacks and other confined spaces. Just five pounds and less than a foot across, the  Sidewinder push camera extends 100 feet into openings as narrow as 7/8-inch diameter, using bright LEDs and a high-sensitivity imager to capture vivid inspection footage. That footage is displayed on a detachable wireless LCD monitor.