New Generation Welding System

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CRC-Evans Automatic Welding is introducing a new generation welding system incorporating laser vision welding and inspection technology. Engineered to reduce total time of the pipeline welding process while increasing weld quality, the Vision System provides remarkable flexibility in the field.
  Components include the V Weld – an external welding machine with adaptive weld technology; the V Bevel for bevel inspection at the beveling station; the V Root for root inspection at the welding station; and the V Purge – a fully automatic purge control system to control and monitor the purge chamber parameters.  All use laser vision technology.
  The new technology allows real-time tracking at higher speeds; real-time closed loop control; adjustment to travel speed, wire feed speed, and oscillation width to achieve adaptive fill around the pipe; inspection and reporting of the bevel and root bead in the critical path for immediate corrections and minimum downtime.  A computer report of all welds and inspections is available as a permanent record for operators and owners.
  “Today, everyone is concerned with pushing productivity levels beyond the old standards,” said VP of New Product Development Shankar Rajagopalan. “We engineered laser vision technology into our welding technology to enhance productivity in narrow groove pipe joints and increase weld quality through pre-weld and post-weld in-line inspection. It raises the bar for the whole industry.” The first use of the Vision System in the field is an Incoloy-clad project in Norway, under way this summer.