New Track Carrier Offers Power, Diversity

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By Jeff Griffin, Contributing Editor

Rig Source has introduced a new compact rubber-track carrier that not only is a multi-purpose carrier, but can accommodate various types of specialized equipment.

  The Terramac RT9 carrier is powered by a 230-horsepower diesel engine and has maximum load capacity of 18,000 pounds. It has an eight-by-four-foot bed for carrying supplies and materials.

  “The North American-made Terramac is a new breed of track utility vehicle that can be transformed to perform about any task its owner requires,” said Mike Crimaldi, CEO/president, Terramac LLC. “Within its capacity load limit, it can be a material dumper; carry tools, supplies and personnel; transport mats to support equipment in muddy conditions; be a mobile crane or welder; or an off-road service vehicle.”

  The bed elevates to a 67-degree angle for dumping gravel, sand, dirt and similar material. Front and rear connections allow mounting of specialized equipment such as welders, drills, cranes, water tanks and mulchers. Rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) are standard.

  “The key features of the Terramac are its powerful Cummins diesel engine and customization options,” said Crimaldi. “A Terramac can be customized to accommodate specific needs of original equipment manufacturers or contractors, direct from the factory.  Customization options range from paint color, open-cab versus closed-cab, and more. Flat-bed or dump-bed versions also are available, or customers can mount specialized equipment on the RT9 carrier. Undercarriages can also be sold separately.”

  Rubber tracks carry the RT9 over uneven terrain as well as paved and landscaped areas, Crimaldi added. Its range of capabilities is well-suited for general construction and specialized applications, including those for utility and pipeline construction.

  Terramac will feature details of the RT9 within its exhibit at UCT 2013 Conference & Exhibition, Jan. 29-31, in Houston.

  The Terramac RT9 is available now for sale or rent from Rig Source Inc., Elburn, IL, the primary dealer for North America. Rig Source provides parts and service and offers custom fabrication and mounting services to install a wide range of equipment and attachments on Terramac carriers. Rig Source offers a variety of equipment and services to oil and gas pipeline, geothermal and geotechnical, environmental, core drilling and utility industries.