North Montney Mainline Project Hearings Begin in Canada

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The National Energy Board (NEB) has begun public hearings concerning an application filed by NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) to modify the North Montney Mainline Project. The hearings will take place over a two-week period and will include oral cross-examination and final arguments. The NEB will also hear oral traditional evidence from Indigenous participants.

In its application, NGTL is requesting changes to the North Montney Mainline Certificate to allow the gas to flow east, and to proceed with certain components of the project independently of any final investment decision related to liquefied natural gas exports from the west coast of British Columbia. The changes would also include construction of eight additional meter stations, as well as make minor modifications to project plans.

During the hearings, the NEB will consider the views of participants – including industry, government and Indigenous peoples – on a range of issues such as the impacts of the proposed changes on the environment, the need and economic viability of the project and Indigenous interests.

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