Ohio Valley Connector Initiates Transportation Service from West Virginia

November 2016

EQT Midstream Partners began service Oct. 1 on the Ohio Valley Connector, which provides natural gas transportation service from northern West Virginia to Clarington, OH. The 37-mile pipeline, an extension of the existing Equitrans system, was certificated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at about 850 MMcf/d capacity. The operation is backed by a 20-year transportation service agreement with EQT Energy, LLC, an affiliate of EQT Corporation, for 650 MMcf/d of firm transmission capacity. 
The Ohio Valley Connector uses two new compressor stations with about 40,000 hp combined – the Corona Station in Wetzel County, WV and the Plasma Station in Monroe County, OH – and connects with the existing Equitrans Mainline and Sunrise Transmission System and the Rockies Express pipeline, as well as planned interconnects with the Texas Eastern Transmission line and Rover Pipeline project.
The connector is expected to be accepting full nominations following a standard operational ramp-up period.
“Our transmission and storage system now connects with all the major interstate pipelines in the Basin and offers shippers multiple options to meet their transportation needs, said Randy Crawford, Chief Operating Officer for EQT Midstream Partners.