Pacific Connector Pipeline Launches Open Season

September 2017

Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline LP (PCGP) announced that it is conducting a binding open season on new pipeline facilities that it proposes to construct in the state of Oregon (the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline). PCGP is soliciting commitments for firm natural gas pipeline transportation on the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline.

The Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline will provide natural gas to the Pacific Northwest and international markets. The 229-mile, 36-inch pipeline is designed to transport up to 1.2 MMDth/d of natural gas from interconnects near Malin, OR, to the Jordan Cove LNG terminal in Coos Bay, OR, where the natural gas will be liquefied for transport to serve overseas markets, particularly those in the Pacific Rim.

The anticipated service commencement date for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline is the fourth quarter of 2022.

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