Orbital Gas Systems’ VE Technology Passes Tests

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Orbital Gas Systems, a wholly-owned energy subsidiary of CUI Global, Inc., has successfully conducted flow lab testing for the company’s patented VE Technology helical strakes on thermowells and sample probes.

The test, conducted on May 1, 2017 by a highly respected, North American independent metering research facility, proved the effects of vortex-induced vibration on traditional and helical probe geometries in a typical high-pressure, high-velocity pipeline environment. The company’s VE thermowell and a typical “ASME” straight shank thermowell were tested at high-pressure flows in the metering research facility’s high pressure loop.

The two thermowells were monitored at a series of flow rates corresponding to velocities from six to 110 feet per second. The results demonstrated that the ASME thermowell vibrated at all velocities, creating a cyclic strain at the flange joint with clear visual in-line and transverse displacement (up to +/- 0.5 in.) at certain velocities corresponding to its natural frequency. The helical strake thermowell had no visual vibration and a measured strain more than two orders of magnitude less than the ASME thermowell. Measured strain at the flange/shaft joint was from 100 to more than 250 times greater in the ASME thermowell. Displacement at the tip was thousandths of an inch for the VE thermowell versus 0.5 in. for the ASME.

“This testing was commissioned to validate thousands of hours of research and operational service over the past 12 years by tracking data and performance in a real-time, real-world, controlled setting,” CUI Global’s president & CEO, William Clough, said. “The independently validated results prove that Orbital’s patented VE Technology, with its helical design, is an innovative and effective solution to many of the common issues encountered by traditional sample probes and thermowells, while demonstrating that VE Technology obviates the need for calculations and replacement probes/thermowells.”

To view a full copy of the report, please visit: http://orbitalgas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/OrbitalThermowellTestReport.pdf.

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