PEMEX Awards Golfo Project To ROSEN

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ROSEN and Mexico state-owned PEMEX have been working together on the multiyear large-scale Marinos y Playeros project for the development and implementation of a comprehensive integrity and management program since 2010. The project involves the company’s 14 marine terminals throughout various states of the country with all onshore and offshore pipelines and associated piping.
  As part of the project, more than 300 miles of underground, marine and above-ground pipelines as well as all connected piping within the terminals have been analyzed.
  As a result of this strong relationship and cooperation between the two companies, PEMEX recently awarded a similar project to ROSEN. This project, Golfo, with a volume of over US$40 million, will involve a similar integrated system approach as well on a multiyear schedule.
  The scope of work includes a complete integrity assessment schedule, integrity management plan review, implementation, rehabilitation and re-assessment of three pipelines with diameters of 20-, 24- and 30-inch.
  Also, as part of the project, an initial inspection and assessment of 33 river crossing bypasses located within the right-of-way along the Mexican Gulf coast through the Mexican states of Veracruz and Tamaulipas will be carried out. 
  As a pre-inspection procedure, ROSEN will also perform the chemical cleaning operations, valued at US$2.3 million, utilizing ROSEN equipment and personnel.
  As well as in the Marinos y Playeros project, ROSEN has teamed up with their partnering companies MACAW of Newcastle, England for all integrity aspects of the project and COBSA of Tampico, Mexico for all rehabilitation, site and mechanical works.