Delaware Express Pipeline Launches Open Season

December 2017

Medallion Delaware Express LLC and Medallion Pipeline Co. LLC have launched an open season to solicit binding, long-term commitments on the Delaware Express crude oil pipeline system in the Delaware Basin in West Texas along with a new Joint Tariff transportation service, which will deliver crude oil produced in the Delaware Basin to multiple market centers and long-haul pipelines connected to Medallion’s system.

Through this binding open season, Medallion Delaware Express and Medallion expect to make up to 200 Mbpd available for Joint Tariff service, with up to 180 Mbpd available to committed shippers at volume incentive rates under long-term transportation agreements, providing for either acreage dedications or volume commitments.

The Delaware Express pipeline system is a new crude oil gathering and transportation system in Ward, Pecos, Reeves and Crane counties that will connect southern Delaware Basin crude oil to downstream pipelines. Subject to the outcome of this open season, Medallion’s Delaware Express pipeline system will consist of a 30-mile gathering system and a 63-mile, 16-inch mainline pipeline with an initial capacity of 90 Mbpd, originating in Ward County and extending east to an interconnection with the Medallion Pipeline in Crane County.