Plains All American Expands Cactus Pipeline Capacity

March 2017

Plains All American Pipeline is expanding the capacity on its Cactus Pipeline from McCamey to Gardendale, TX to about 390,000 bpd allowing the company to move increasing volumes from the Permian Basin to Corpus Christi and other delivery points along the system.

The expansion includes manifold and metering enhancements at the origination station, which are anticipated to be completed in the third quarter.

The 310-mile, 20-inch crude oil pipeline can crude oil from the Permian Basin to the PAA/Enterprise Products Partners Eagle Ford Joint Venture (Eagle Ford JV) Pipeline. The Eagle Ford JV Pipeline has a capacity of 660,000 bpd and serves the Three Rivers and Corpus Christi markets directly and can supply the Houston-area market through a connection to the Enterprise South Texas Crude Oil Pipeline.

Crude oil delivered on Cactus has access to the Eagle Ford JV barge dock facility in the Corpus Christi area, as well as dock capacity at third-party facilities in Corpus Christi and Ingleside via connections with the Eagle Ford JV pipeline.

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