PLM’s One-Stop Pipeline Training Center

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PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), Caterpillar’s global pipeline equipment dealer, has recently teamed with ek pass for the provision of global training and consulting services for the pipeline industry.
  “We are pleased to partner with ek pass in this important area of training,” said PLM Senior Vice President Tony Fernandez. “Pipeline operator training and safety training programs have always been on our front burner because it is an elemental challenge for our customers around the globe. By teaming with ek pass we connect our customers with world class, custom training delivered in classrooms, at job sites, through e-learning – in whatever format the contractors or owning companies require.”
  “The most exciting part of the PLM-ek pass collaboration is the potential,” said PLM Vice President – Product Support Lindley Imeson. “Throughout my years in the pipeline business, there has always been a need for bringing new operators and all new pipeline workers, for that matter, up to speed on the unique aspects of pipeline production. Even seasoned hands benefit from updated instruction that covers new machines and evolving best practices for maintenance and operations. With the increasing requirements for on-the-job safety and environmental training, we see the ek pass program as a one-stop training solution for the industry.”;