Rockies Express Pipeline Zone Three Capacity Enhancement Moves Forward

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Tallgrass Energy is making progress with the Rockies Express Pipeline Zone Three Capacity Enhancement that will enable REX to provide customers significant market access diversity by increasing its east-to-west delivery of natural gas from Monroe County, Ohio, to markets in the Midwest, including Chicago and Detroit, as well as traditional Gulf Coast and Southeast markets. New and upgraded facilities associated with this project will create up to 800,000 Dth/d of additional natural gas supply from the Appalachian Basin and transport it to high-demand Midwestern gas markets, meeting the energy needs of millions of natural gas consumers. The project would bring the total Zone 3 east-to-west transportation capacity to 2.6 MMDth/d. REX expects to add multiple new sources of supply as receipt points into Zone 3 prior to 2016.
  The Rockies Express Pipeline Zone Three Capacity Enhancement will consist of construction three additional compressor stations and adding horse power at two existing compressor stations. The expected bi-directional REX system in Zone 3 would operate flexibly to meet both existing west-to-east firm transportation commitments from the Rockies supply basins and the new and existing demand for east-to-west firm transportation in Zone 3 from Appalachian supply basins. REX anticipates an in-service date of Q4 2016, subject to the timely receipt of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing construction of the Project, as well as all other applicable permits and approvals.