Rover Pipeline Compressor Station Can Be Placed in Service

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Rover Pipeline, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), has received authorization from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to commence service of Mainline Compressor Station 2.

According to FERC’s Rich McGuire, the company is committed to completing remaining restoration activities at the compressor station, and currently, those activities are proceeding satisfactorily.

The Rover Pipeline includes new interstate pipeline and related facilities extending from the Appalachian supply area to a proposed interconnection with Vector Pipeline in Livingston County, Mich. It will transport up to 3.25 bcf/d of domestically-produced natural gas to markets in the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, Gulf Coast and Canada, with direct deliveries to Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, and the Union Gas Dawn Storage Hub in Ontario, Canada.

It is expected to be fully operational in the second quarter of 2018.

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