Rover Pipeline Hopes for FERC Approval by End of Month

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Rover Pipeline LLC has submitted a letter to FERC requesting the agency grant Rover’s Natural Gas Act Section 7(c) pending certificate application for the Rover Pipeline as soon as possible, but no later than December 2016, so that Rover may prepare to commence construction activities by mid-January 2017.

According to the letter, achieving this commencement of construction date is vital to allow Rover to comply on a timely basis with certain environmental conditions contained in the Final Environmental Impact Statement and associated clearances.  In the letter, the company also states if they are unable to commence tree felling by mid-January 2017, the project very likely will be delayed for up to a full year and it will be not be able to meet the contractual in-service date that its producer-shippers are counting on.

Currently, the Rover Pipeline is more than 95% subscribed, as producer-shippers have over 1.55 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas scheduled to begin flowing in July 2017 and up to 3.15 bcf/d starting in November 2017.

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