Service Technician Certification Requirements For K-Series 4 WD Loaders

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The John Deere Training Center has published the Service Technician Certification requirements for the newly released K·Series 4WD Loaders. The certification requirements include the courses required for new model qualification as well as the system diagnostic courses.

The training center has conducted Electrical, Hydraulic, and Tier 3 Diagnostic training courses over the past two years and more than a thousand technicians have completed them.

In addition to the Core Online System and 4WD loader Capstone, the following courses are required for 4WO Loader (K-Series) Certification:

  • New Model Qualification Courses (Reference Bulletin OBWL 17)
  • 4WD Loader Technical Online Training (K-Series), CSP-17-DGTC318; and
  • One of the following:
  • 609019.0 l PowerTech Plus (Tier 31Stage IliA), CSP-18-31131
  • 6090/9.0l PowerTech Plus (Tier 31S1age IliA), (Old Version) CSP-18-31131_DlR
  • 6068/6.8l PowerTech Plus (Tier 3/Stage IliA), CSP-18-31127
  • 6068/6.8L PowerTech Plus (Tier 3/Stage lilA), (Old Version) CSP-16-31127_DLR
  • 6135/13.5l PowerTech Plus (Tier 3/Stage IliA), CSP-18-31161
  • Electrical Diagnostics (Reference Bulletin OBTR60)
  • Instructor-led, Electrical Diagnostics, CSP-17-3040;
  • Or:  Electrical Diagnostics Bypass Checklist, CSP-17-DLMTC126
  • Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Diagnostics (Reference Bulletin OBTR61)
  • Instructor-led, Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Diagnostics, CSP-17-3042;
  • Or: Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Diagnostics Bypass Checklist, CSP-17-DLMTC127
  • Tier 3 Engines (Reference Bulletin OBTR59)
  • Instructor-led, TIer 3 Components, CSP-17-3041 (course no longer offered);
  • Instructor-led, Tier 3 Advanced Engine Diagnostics, CSP-17-3064;
  • Or: Tier 3 Components Bypass Checklist, CSP-17-DLMTC132

Technicians who are currently certified in any product family will maintain their Certification.

However, all new 4WD Loader (K-Series) Certifications will require credit from the areas mentioned above.

John Deere University lists requirements for Product Certification in the Learning Paths. You can access these by clicking on the Certification logo on the home page of John Deere University, or by following this link: Construction Product Technician Certification.