Snelson Awarded Final 2 Phases of Saginaw Trail Pipeline Project

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Snelson has been awarded a contract to complete the final phases of the Saginaw Trail Pipeline project in Lower Michigan. The project should be completed in December 2020.

Phase 3 of the project, which includes installation of 29.2 miles of larger pipeline between Clio City Gate to Grand Blanc City Gate, is anticipated to begin in Spring 2019. This phase not only replaces the existing 12- and 16-inch pipe with new 24-inch pipeline, but also reroutes the path around the urban area of Flint.

Phase 4, beginning in 2020, will replace 28.2 miles of pipeline between Grand Blanc City Gate and Clawson Control. Groundwork, including surveying and obtaining necessary easements and permits, is already underway.

In all, the project will replace 78 miles of infrastructure, which has been in place since the 1940s.

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