SoCalGas Pursues Expanded Pipe Replacement, Repair Program

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Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is seeking to accelerate its pipeline replacement and leak repair program and has submitted a funding request with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). If approved, it would enable SoCalGas to repair all currently identified, pending non-hazardous leaks on the SoCalGas system by the end of 2018 or earlier.
  SoCalGas is also filing a report with the CPUC that outlines the utility’s leak-management practices in compliance with Senate Bill (SB) 1371. The new California law seeks to reduce methane emissions from natural gas transmission, distribution and storage systems. It also requires utilities to report information about leak-management practices, new leaks, leaks being monitored, leaks scheduled for repair and a “best estimate” of gas loss due to leaks.
  Over the past year, SoCalGas has been working with major universities, regulatory agencies and environmental organizations to refine its approach in methane detection technology and to raise public awareness of its efforts to reduce methane emissions.
  As part of this effort, SoCalGas published an interactive map on its website that allows the public to view methane indications and non-hazardous gas leaks located near its pipeline system. Federal regulations consider a non-hazardous leak to be one that is far from an ignition source and away from a structure where the gas can accumulate and become concentrated to dangerous levels. All hazardous leaks are repaired immediately and do not appear on the map.