Southern Star Launches 2014 System Expansion Open Season

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Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc. announced the commencement of a binding open season for additional firm transportation capacity in its production and market areas. The 2014 System Expansion will involve expanding the capacity of Southern Star’s system to provide incremental firm transportation service from existing or new receipt points to existing or new delivery points in both the production and market areas of the Southern Star system. This proposed expansion will connect growing gas supplies with access to growing markets in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas as well as to other intrastate and interstate pipelines. This proposed expansion further offers shippers impacted by this past winter an opportunity to mitigate future capacity shortfalls.
  The binding bid(s) received during this open season will assist Southern Star in determining whether to pursue the proposed expansion and defining the final parameters of such expansion. If it decides to move forward after evaluating the binding bids, Southern Star will, subject to FERC approval, install the necessary facilities to serve all or a portion of the requested capacity. If a binding open season is successful, Southern Star anticipates service provided through the proposed expansion to begin November 1, 2015. The open season closes on May 7, 2014.