Southern Star, NextEra Pitch Sooner Trails Pipeline Project

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Southern Star Central Corp. and NextEra US Gas Assets LLC announced the commencement of a binding open season for the Sooner Trails Pipeline Project, which is expected to connect new receipt points in Kingfisher, Canadian, Grady, Stephens, Garvin, Carter, and Bryan counties in Oklahoma to interstate and intrastate pipeline markets in Bryan County, OK and Lamar County, TX. The companies also announced the signing of a letter of intent that outlines the potential terms of a joint venture that is expected to construct and own the Sooner Trails Pipeline. Under the letter of intent, each company would own 50 percent of the proposed joint venture. An affiliate of NextEra Energy would construct the project and Southern Star, through one or more of its affiliates, would operate the pipeline.
  Subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval, the approximately 250 mile Sooner Trails Pipeline project will extend from Kingfisher County, OK and travel southeast to its primary delivery point in Lamar County, TX with the development of the Lamar Hub. The Sooner Trails Pipeline is expected to provide up to 1.2 MMDth/d and offer timely, cost-effective access to natural gas for expanding local distribution companies, industrial users, natural gas fired generation, and other regional demands. The Sooner Trails Pipeline will be developed under FERC jurisdiction. Sooner Trails has filed to begin the FERC pre-filing process in order to develop the project in a timely manner.
  The binding bid(s) received during this open season will assist Southern Star and NextEra Energy in determining whether to pursue the proposed project and defining the final parameters of such project. If it is decided to move forward after evaluating the binding bids, Southern Star and NextEra Energy will, subject to FERC approval, install the necessary facilities to serve all or a portion of the requested capacity. If a binding open season is successful, Southern Star and NextEra Energy anticipate service provided through the proposed pipeline in early 2018.