Spectra Energy To Expand Pipeline Systems In New England

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Spectra Energy and Spectra Energy Partners announced the Atlantic Bridge Project, a proposed expansion of its Algonquin Gas Transmission and Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline systems, to connect abundant North American natural gas supplies with markets in the New England states and Maritime provinces.
  Algonquin and Maritimes & Northeast recently executed an agreement with Unitil Corp. to participate as an anchor shipper in the project. Unitil is a natural gas distribution company that serves parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and is the largest distributor in Maine. Building on that agreement, this announcement coincides with the beginning of an open season to invite other customers to join the Atlantic Bridge Project for additional natural gas service by 2017.
  The expansion will increase pipeline capacity by 100,000 to in excess of 600,000 Dth/d of natural gas, depending upon additional market commitments across the region.