Tallgrass Energy to Build New Terminal to Interconnect with Oil Gathering System

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Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP, through its subsidiaries Tallgrass Terminals, LLC and Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline, LLC, today announced an agreement with Saddle Butte Pipeline to develop the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal. The terminal will be located strategically in the heart of the Platteville, Colo., oil terminal complex and will interconnect with Saddle Butte’s Denver-Julesburg Basin crude oil gathering system.

Pending the successful conclusion of the Pony Express Pipeline’s recently announced open season, the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal will serve as a new pipeline origin for the Pony Express Platteville Extension. The Platteville Extension is expected to have an ultimate takeaway capacity of at least 80,000 barrels of crude oil per day and is expected to be in service Q2 2018.

Saddle Butte’s Milton Terminal also will serve as an origin point on Pony Express, allowing Pony Express to offer direct refinery and Cushing terminal connections to Saddle Butte’s producer customers in the near term while the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal is developed. The Milton Terminal will continue as an origin point when the terminal is operational. Tallgrass Terminals will wholly own and operate the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal when it is completed. Consistent with the Pony Express Pipeline’s current operations, the Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal will offer batching service for several common streams sourced from multiple gathering system interconnects.

“The proposed Platteville Extension and Tallgrass Grasslands Terminal, together with our existing Buckingham Terminal and Northeast Colorado Lateral, give Pony Express and Tallgrass Terminals an unrivaled footprint in the D-J and provide meaningful benefits to producers,” said Doug Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline. “Via its direct connections to refineries and six final-destination terminals in Cushing, Pony Express provides customers a broad range of delivery options and improved netbacks versus other alternative transport options.

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