Teams Set New Records At National Gas Rodeo

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Two world record times, challenging weather and new champions marked the 15th Annual National Gas Rodeo. This year’s winners are, Insane Methane, the 4 person team from Piedmont Natural Gas and the Gashouse Gorillas, the 2 person team from City Utilities of Springfield.
  “I never thought the 38 second hand dig time would be beat,” said Pat Wentworth, National Gas Rodeo head judge from NiSource-Columbia Gas of Ohio, “and then one Piedmont team comes in with 32 seconds and a few minutes after that, another Piedmont team registers a 31 second time… incredible!”
  The two-time reigning champs, the Trouble Shooters from Atlanta Gas Light were gracious in their defeat offering congratulatory handshakes for each member of Insane Methane Piedmont team.
  In a show of ultimate domination, the Gashouse Gorillas, 2 person team from City Utilities of Springfield, had the best time in every event, both qualifying and relay, with the exception of a first-ever tie of 23.07 seconds for the Pipe Cut with the Outlaws from ALAGASCO.
  The 16th Annual National Gas Rodeo will take place Sept. 18, 2010 at Everett Moody Park at Longacre, Fairview Heights, IL – home of the National Gas Rodeo.  For information visit
  The National Gas Rodeo is administered by the Midwest ENERGY Association and supported by American Gas Association, American Public Gas Association, and Southern Gas Association.
  MEA was founded as a trade association more than 100 years ago by visionary distribution utilities in the Midwest to improve safety and efficiency. Utility companies nationwide benefit from MEA’s industry roundtables, operations conferences, and other events. Members collaborated to develop EnergyU, the world’s premier online training and testing system for the gas and electric utility distribution industry.