Telvent To Install SCADA System On 1,596 Miles Of Pemex Pipelines

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Telvent has signed a contract valued at more than 30 million euros with PEMEX, Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company to install the SCADA control system in seven product pipelines in the PEMEX Refining division’s national pipeline network.
  The scope of work defined by the contract includes integration, monitoring, and control of 129 PEMEX Refining product storage and injection sites located throughout the northern, central, Gulf, and southeastern regions of Mexico. The control system will integrate nearly 1,596 miles of pipeline, representing 19% of the total length of the national network spanning eight sectors of the Mexican Republic. Unlike oil pipelines that transport crude oil only, product pipelines transport various liquid hydrocarbons.
  In addition to increasing security of operations, the equipment is expected to improve efficiency and reliability by optimizing the management of operational data and information. The Telvent system will make it possible to obtain, store, and process data from geographically dispersed areas, in real time, to ensure the timely delivery of crude oil required by the refining centers and refined products needed to meet the demand of distribution and marketing centers.