Texans Near Top In Energy Consumption Nationwide

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Texans consume the nation’s 6th-most total energy per person, according to new 2014 state energy rankings from EnergyTrends.org. Although that total has declined 4 percent since last year.
  The state’s residential sector used substantially less energy than most states’, while its industrial and transportation sectors drove usage higher. Meanwhile, despite big increases in electricity generated from wind, Texas earned a grade of F for renewable energy friendliness.
  The unique ranking system is based not just on policies but on actual energy consumption and generation data. This includes the amount of energy generated and consumed per-person by source, growth of renewable energy, state programs for renewable energy, and other factors. Bonus points are awarded for categories such as grid-connected renewable installations, dynamic pricing for power utility consumers, and integration of electric vehicles.
  “We still have a long way to go incorporating renewable energy, even though many states are making considerable progress,” said Don Soifer, executive vice president at the Lexington Institute. “So we felt it essential to grade based on a growth model, with plenty of room to reflect future improvements in the integration of renewables.”