Three Enbridge Projects Can Use Extra Temporary Workspace for Tree Removal

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to utilize additional temporary workspace and remove trees at milepost 677.5 on the Athens to Berne Loop in Noble County, Ohio as part of the Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects. The additional temporary workspace would be 50 feet wide and 125 feet in length.

According to FERC’s Elaine Baum, Enbridge plans to remove trees that have leaned toward a roadway after a soil slip and removal would alleviate the potential for them to impact the roadway. The company also states the trees would not be removed until the week of October 2, 2017.

Once completed, the Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects will allow shippers to transport new natural gas supplies from the Appalachian region to markets in the midwestern United States. All three projects are expected to be placed in service in November 2017.

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