Three Enbridge Projects Can Use Extra Temporary Workspace

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to utilize two additional temporary workspaces to access surface water sources in support of hydrostatic testing associated with the Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects. The first temporary workspace is approximately 1 mile north of the Athens Compressor Station, near milepost 620.7 on the Wheelersburg to Athens Loop in Athens County, Ohio. The second temporary workspace is approximately 135 feet north of the existing workspace near milepost 681.4 on the Athens to Berne Loop in Monroe County, Ohio.

According to FERC’s Elaine Baum, the placement of the temporary waterline hoses and pumps will not result in additional land disturbance.

Once completed, the Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects will allow shippers to transport new natural gas supplies from the Appalachian region to markets in the midwestern United States. All three projects are expected to be placed in service in November 2017.

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