TransCanada Settles Crossings Challenges On Keystone-Cushing Pipeline Route

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Dickinson County officials and representatives from TransCanada have signed an agreement outlining the terms for the crossing of 12 county roads during the construction of the Keystone Pipeline Cushing Extension in Dickinson County, KS.
  Consent was granted to TransCanada to bore under the county roads after a number of terms were accepted by the company including an agreement to use specific routes for hauling inventory, as well as the payment of a performance bond to be retained by the County for two years to secure infrastructure.
  The Cushing Extension runs 290 miles through Nebraska and Kansas to the Cushing terminal in Oklahoma and is a branch of TransCanada’s 2,147-mile Keystone Pipeline carrying oil from Canada to U.S. markets.
  The Cushing Extension is expected to be placed into service later this year.