TurkStream Terminal Construction Begins

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South Stream Transport BV today announced construction has commenced on the receiving terminal of the TurkStream Offshore Gas Pipeline. With the start of the onshore construction in Turkey, the project is now being implemented in three construction zones: onshore Russia, onshore Turkey and offshore in the Black Sea.

The terminal is being constructed by Petrofac, who was awarded the contract in September 2017. Petrofac has contracted Tekfen, one of Turkey’s leading construction companies, as its main subcontractor for the project.

The scope of work includes the preparation of the area where the receiving terminal will be located in the Turkish Thrace region, near the town of Kiyiköy.

Construction in Russia and in the Black Sea

The construction of the landfall facilities on the Russian side of the Black Sea, near the city of Anapa, is nearing completion. These facilities are expected to be placed in service in 2018.

Allseas’ vessel Pioneering Spirit is working on the two offshore pipelines. The first line is currently being laid all the way up to the Turkish shore.

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