Two Pipeliners Improve Plight Of Crews Sand Blasting Pipe Welds

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In 2010, two pipeliners, Cody Martin and Joseph Wade had a vision of a safer, more effective and environmentally sound way to sand blast pipe welds. Too many times, in the hottest part of summer, they witnessed coating crew members experiencing difficulty from heat exposure from wearing too heavy of protecive gear. They also noticed the unsafe conditons when the blaster had to crawl under and over the pipe to blast the weld.
  Martin and Wade designed their original ideas on napkins and hotel menus and presented them to a fabrication company in Louisiana for production. Everything was built to be run remotely, so no extra protective gear would be needed. The blasting was also designed to be concealed in a ring and a vacuum to reclaim  90%+ of the sand, which meant no overspray and it is enviornmemtally friendly.
  Along with C3’s patented Auto Blastic Ring, they built a  Heat Induction Ring and a Coating Application Rig so that all 3 phases can be used in line with each other.
  On average, a 16-inch pipe weld can be blasted, heated and coated within 5 minutes. These numbers were taken from a Del Rio, TX blasting crew who blasted, heated and coated 201 welds in an 8-hour day.
  3C has also provided approved products for specific jobs.
  For information, visit or phone (318) 628-5315.