Use of Heavy Equipment Permitted for Pipeline Construction Project

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FERC has approved Equitrans, L.P.’s request to use heavy equipment within the 50-foot-wide permanent easement between wetland PA-IN-LBJF-W-005B and the Norfolk Southern Railroad to enable exploratory excavation and mitigation activities that would prevent an inadvertent return of drilling fluid during horizontal direction drilling activities for the TP-371 Pipeline Replacement Project in Armstrong and Indiana Counties, Pennsylvania.

The TP-371 Pipeline Replacement Project consists of upgrading 21 miles of an existing 36 mile portion of the Allegheny Valley Connector System in Armstrong and Indiana Counties, PA.  The project includes replacing the original 12-inch diameter pipeline with a 20-inch diameter pipeline, installing a pig launcher/receiver, and the possibility of upgrading or discontinuing use of ancillary facilities.

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