Volvo Introduces New Pipelayer

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Volvo’s recent customer event in Lock Haven, PA ended on a high note with a strong showing of pipeline contractors on hand to check out the company’s new PL3005 Pipelayer. A simulated pipeline site was set up at the Wayne Township Landfill with more than 500 feet of 24-inch gas transmission line next to a trench to simulate an actual job.
  Here, Volvo’s newest pipelayer was put to the test against the tried and true sideboom. 
  Foremen from Patterson &Wilder Construction Co. operated the PL3005s and sidebooms together, while Volvo CE Americas president, Goran Lindgren looked on. Patterson’s seasoned crew easily glided the pipe into place with the 51 ton capacity PL3005s. Once finished, the Volvo CE management team climbed up on the machines to get feedback from the pipeliners. At the conclusion, Lindgren said, “It feels good to finally have the right size (pipelayer) for Marcellus work.”
  The numbers don’t lie, according to Volvo. With 24% more rated capacity than the rival sideboom, the PL3005 has all the heft needed to carry heavy loads up steep grades.
  The event also hosted students from nearby Penn College of Technology in the Earth Sciences Marcellus Shale.  Both operators and service technicians from Penn College were very appreciative of the opportunity to check out the new equipment.  
  Volvo officials said they were also proud to introduce future pipeliners to the future of pipeline construction equipment.  
  To see a head to head comparison against sidebooms, contact Jack Bolton, (828) 216-1193, or Lewis Long, (828) 335-4078, to schedule a visit.   
  In other news, Volvo Construction Equipment broke ground on the first phase of the US$100 million expansion of its site in Shippensburg, PA. When complete the development will include not only a new office building and customer demonstration center but will also localize production of some of the company’s larger construction machines. The factory could eventually produce 70% of the Volvo Construction Equipment machines sold in North American. 
  The new headquarters office is expected to be ready for occupation by the beginning of 2013.