Williams Announces Support for Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Williams today announced it will contribute $500,000 to the United Way of Greater Houston’s flood relief fund. The company is also deploying direct assistance efforts for its nearly 900 employees in Houston and surrounding areas in the Gulf who are in need as a result of this unprecedented event.

“Williams has had a major presence in the Houston area for decades and our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected, and especially our employees and their families, many of whom have deep roots in the community,” said Williams’ President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Armstrong. “While the effects of Hurricane Harvey are still ongoing and uncertain, we are focused on making sure our employees remain safe and are receiving necessary assistance. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the long-term recovery and rebuilding of the Texas Gulf Coast.”

Armstrong added that Williams employees affected by Harvey are being supported through its emergency disaster relief fund, which includes direct assistance for Williams employees with immediate financial needs. Williams employees outside of the affected areas can also contribute directly to the fund to support fellow employees and their families. As part of its corporate charitable giving program, Williams matches contributions made by its employees and its retirees.

“In addition to supporting our employees in need, we have many other employees who are joining in volunteer efforts to help their neighbors and communities deal with this unprecedented natural disaster,” Armstrong said.

The company will continue to monitor needs in the area and determine other ways to assist throughout the gulf coast region.

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