Williams Breaks Ground On Rockaway Lateral Project

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Williams Companies has started construction on a natural gas pipeline, which will run through the Rockaways and under the Jamaica Bay called the Rockaway Lateral project. The proposed 3.17-mile long, 26-inch diameter lateral consists of approximately 2.79 miles of offshore pipeline and 0.38 miles of onshore pipeline. The preferred route avoids residential, commercial and sensitive environmental areas. Under the preferred route, the majority of the onshore pipeline is located within Gateway National Recreation Area, primarily extending beneath a pitch-and-putt golf course located within the Jacob Riis Park to a tie-in point with a proposed National Grid pipeline. Fort Tilden is located to the west of the proposed pipeline. A parking lot and additional land within Jacob Riis Park are located to the east.
  The majority of the sea to shore portion of the pipeline (approximately one mile) would be constructed using subsurface directional drilling technology, allowing Williams to avoid all impacts to the beach, near-shore areas, as well as onshore portions of Jacob Riis Park. The planned route takes the line under Jacob Riis Park to a tie-in point with a proposed National Grid pipeline located outside of Gateway National Recreation Area.